Different Ways of Home Interior Decorating


Small spaces generally have a cozier and warm feel than large spaces. It is very easy to enhance this coziness with warm colors and lots of draperies and decorative pillows. It is also possible to give small room an airier and wider feel. The best idea to visually enlarge your room is to use light and bright colors. Cool colors as green and blue tend to recede from the eye and therefore give a larger feel to a room. This effect can be enhanced by painting the trims, borders and moldings in a lighter color than the walls. This will make the walls appear further away and thus the room appears bigger. When choosing the colors, keep contrast levels down. Use colors that are in the same color family rather than contrasting colors. This will make the place cozier and less chaotic. Another idea for creating visual effects by using color is to paint a single wall in a rich color and keep the other walls light. Because the stronger colors attract all the attention, the other walls seem to fall away. Besides this, the ceiling should always be painted in stark white, no matter the color of the walls. The white ceiling will maximize brightness in the room.Decorating home interior can be rather simple and easy. Furniture for small rooms should be very carefully selected. There are many pieces of furniture that can be used for different functions. Try to find double-duty furniture. Chests can be used for storage as well as a coffee table or television stand. In small guest rooms you could use sofa beds that are easily convertible; some even convert into bunk beds. In small rooms the furniture should always be slim and simple. Another idea would be to use only a few pieces of larger scale furniture, to reduce the clutter of many smaller ones. In a small space everything easily turns into a focal point. Keep the items simple. Arrange the furniture at an angle to lead the eye diagonally across the room and visually enlarge it. With the use of light, the appearance of a room can be altered and achieve the desired home interior decorating. Mirrors reflect natural as well as artificial light. When the light is reflected deep into the room, it will appear larger. Spotlights pointing toward the ceiling will make the room look higher. And track lights aimed at the walls visually expand the space. Track lighting is also good to free up some floor space. The more you see of the floor, the larger the space looks. Throw out the coffee table and use smaller side tables instead. If you can’t live without your coffee table, use a table with a glass top to make the floor visible through it. A mirror on top of your table top will work too. Another tip to get more living space in your room is to throw out what you don’t need. Remove interior doors. And get rid of all the things that you do not need. A good idea is to see if you have used the item in the last year or not. If you haven’t used it or even looked at it, you are probably never going to use it and you won’t miss it; old clothes and shoes, kitchen appliances, magazines, silly holiday souvenirs, and more. Important when you are living in a small space is the dirt and clutter. Try to avoid any disorder in the room by using the less is more philosophy. Use a single piece of artwork or a large print rather than a small collection of things. Clean up any jumble in the room. Create smooth and clean surfaces. And clean the windows often to make the room brighter and larger.

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Michiel Van Kets is a Belgian designer specializing in home interior decorating. Customers decorating home interior by themselves often consult him for opinions and advice as he has worked in this field for many years.

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