Designing a Contemporary Bathroom

Keeping your home at the cutting edge of interior design and fashion is a fantastic way to ensure your house is modern and stylish. The benefits of creating a cool and trendy household are plentiful, and depending on your style and sensibility there are many ways to incorporate some contemporary features into your home to create an array of styles and designs.

One room of the house in which we can really flex our interior design skills and create a room to dazzle and ‘wow’ visitors is the household bathroom; with a huge range of luxurious and stylish bathroom features available, you are sure to find a modern look that suits your home wonderfully. So with that in mind, let’s look at a few simple ways we can turn any dreary old bathroom in to a modern and stylish paradise!

It’s fair to say that fashionable styles in interior design are changed and updated annually, and redecorating and renovating every year is going to be costly and simply pointless. This is why using colours and tones which are flexible is a great way to create a bathroom that will appear modern and stylish for years to come. Plan in advance and create a colour scheme that uses simple yet stylish colours; a failsafe colours scheme is simply black and white. Black tiles (be it plain or granite) on the floor and walls, broken up with white plain wall areas and bathroom fixtures is a simple yet hugely effective colour scheme. This also allows for the easy adding and removing of a third colour; for example, deep red towels, candles, washcloths and bathroom matts would look great dashed around the bathroom to break up the colour scheme and yet can all be easily replaced. This allows the owner to freely change the prominent colour in the bathroom and yet keep a base colour scheme that radiates style.

Replacing generic old bathroom furniture and features with more modern and luxurious fixtures are great ways to bring contemporary style into your home. Some of the modern bathroom fixtures available today can supply a luxurious and ultimately relaxing experience as well as adding style and class, so adding a few of these features is sure to benefit you and your household massively. Contemporary bathroom fixtures such as steam cabin shower enclosures are designed to have a luxurious, modern appearance; these cutting edge features are often made up of glass and chrome textures, ensuring they will not affect or compromise your chosen colour scheme.

Bathtubs can be bought with built-in whirlpool jets to help massage and relax strained muscles after a long day, and the simple fact that the bath’s jets are visible in your bathroom somehow enhances and adds to the room’s sense of modern luxury and style.

So there we have a few simple thoughts and tips to help you create a fashionable, contemporary bathroom in your household.

This home improvements article was written by Daniel Travis – Brown on behalf of Bathshop321’s Bathroom Furniture and Orato who are the original source of ‘Designing a Contemporary Bathroom

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