Design Ideas for a Summer Home

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It’s the transient nature of summer homes that makes decorating them so enjoyable. Decorative styles that might be too casual, too bright or too difficult to maintain the year round can work beautifully in seasonal homes. Summer homes are designed for summer’s fleeting pleasures, for warm days spent out of doors and evening gatherings of family and friends.

Design for a Summery Mood and Functional Style

When it comes to decorating a summer home, establishing the right atmosphere is the key to success. The home should radiate an aura of ease and relaxation. From furniture such as over-stuffed sofas and chairs to amenities like a wet bar or hot tub, the home should create an atmosphere of fun, comfort and relaxation. A summer home serves as a base for outdoor activities as well, making it important that the home works functionally, with plenty of storage and easy-care furnishings, including weather-proof outdoor furniture.

Let the Outdoors In

When summer homes comes with picture windows that offer scenes of the natural environment, window treatments should never block the view. Blinds or sheer curtains often suffice. They’ll offer some protection from the bright sun without compromising the view and will add a summery ambience to the décor as well. Seating may be oriented towards the windows to take advantage of the view.

Natural Colours

Taking cues from the home’s natural surroundings can inspire an effective summer home colour scheme. Whether it’s variations of the cool green of a secluded forest, the warm shades of a seaside sunset or the bright blue of a summer lake, using a colour palette for décor such as outdoor chairs based on nature brings a sense of outdoor living inside.

Appropriate Decorative Styles

A summer home is an ideal spot for lighthearted, casual rustic or country furnishings. Whether it’s the white-washed look of the cottage decorative style, the pretty floral look of the garden style or the rough-hewn look of the rustic style, the décor should invite everyone to relax, unwind and be at their ease. It’s not necessary to adhere rigidly to any one decorative style as long the effect presents a pleasing and cohesive whole.

Summer homes offer multiple opportunities to express personal creativity. Accessories that might be viewed as dust collectors in a primary residence can be displayed in charming vignettes. Whether it’s a collection of seashells or charming crockery, personal touches add charm and personality to a summer home.

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