Decorative Radiators – How They Can Complete the Look

If you’re an interior design enthusiast then there’s a high chance you’ll also be a perfectionist. If one aspect of your décor doesn’t quite fit the rest of the room it can ruin the room’s appearance entirely – which is a great shame if you’ve put every effort into getting everything just so. One element of interior design which is often overlooked is the choice of radiators. It’s incredibly easy to just opt for the typical white design, but with many more styles on the market why follow the crowd and risk compromising the appearance of your abode?

As the old saying goes “An Englishman’s home is his castle” – so it’s important that you have a home which fills you with pride, rather than being ashamed to invite guests. With this in mind, it’s time to assess what decorative radiators are on the market to ensure you’re entirely happy with the appearance of your home.

The Simple yet Striking

Decorative radiators doesn’t mean it has to be covered in flowers or polka dots, you can still have a traditional style radiator but with a modern edge. This modern twist could merely be a chrome finish, which is far more eye-catching than white and considerably more modern. This is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms where appliances and plumbing fixtures may also have a chrome finish – rounding the colour scheme off perfectly.

The Popular Modern Designs

Many homeowners are starting to realise the attractiveness of newer radiator models and experimenting with different designs. Heated towel rails are a modern alternative to the conventional white radiator and are often a more efficient method of heating a bathroom or kitchen whilst drying towels and other garments. Their popularity has become so great that manufacturers even experiment with different designs of heated towel rail, which make excellent decorative radiators for small bathrooms where they can be used as a focal point.

The Downright Quirky

Some decorative radiators are designed to simply turn heads and are as ornamental as they are practical. Breaking style conventions, quirky radiators are for those with who want their home to be that little bit different. They are still incredibly classy and attractive, but have the ability to give the room a real edge. Quirky radiators can add depth to minimalistic living rooms by providing an ornamental value. Many minimalistic homes lack character; a decorative radiator could be just the finishing touch.

Radiators can be a great way to add different design, texture and levels to your home. Rather than buying the first radiator you see, browse through different options and visualise how they would look in your home. Then you can ensure interior design perfection and be proud of your home.

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Designo Radiators decorative radiators

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