Decorating Your Kitchen in Italian Pizzeria Style

Lasciateli mangiare la pizza! That’s Italian for “let them eat pizza!” When you don’t have time for pizza delivery, you can still get the feel of the bistro by fixing your own pizza in your very own pizzeria style kitchen. The hallmarks of the Italian pizzeria, with its informal feel and its warm earthy hues that are combined with bold splashes of color have become the inspiration for many home kitchens and Issaquah pizza lovers. You can achieve this look in the kitchen with ease by following the tips below.

Pizzeria Walls

The walls of your pizzeria inspired kitchen should be painted in warm shades of yellow with accent trim in oranges, browns, or reds. Use these same accent colors in the linens, decorative accessories and curtains that you chose as well. Think about painting a border along the top of the wall in these colors. Be sure to go with paint that is kitchen-friendly and that resists staining and grease. Choose a washable paint for your kitchen. Another option that gives the appearance of a pizzeria is adding beautiful red brick to the wall where your oven is, even if you just have a traditional, conventional range.


Select wrought iron furniture and accessories where possible. If your kitchen has an informal breakfast or dining area or breakfast nook, choose a wrought iron table and chairs, or go for wrought iron barstools. Choose brightly colored seat cushions for chairs and stools.

Window Treatments

Café style curtains are perfect for your pizzeria kitchen. Choose the same fabric for your curtains that are used in your chair cushions if possible, or at least a complementary pattern or color. Think about hanging interior shutters in the kitchen, or consider framing the windows with decorative shutters (non-functional).

Pizzeria Flooring

Natural stone tiles that have been set in a diagonal pattern are perfect for the pizzeria floor. Sixteen-inch square tiles are ideal. Choose a neutral color that will coordinate with any color choices you make for the rest of your kitchen.

Decor for the Pizzeria Kitchen

A painted mural that takes up an entire wall is a great way to add an Italian theme in the kitchen space. From murals depicting the rustic farms and rolling hills of Tuscany to the gondoliers and canals of Venice, or the ruins of Pompeii, there is no shortage of ideas for a mural. If you’re not artsy, you can also purchase a pre-fabricated mural for the space. Be sure to choose one that is resistant to grease and that is washable.

Other decor ideas for the pizzeria kitchen include framing posters that feature the work of Italian artists. You might also go for a “fat chef” theme, along with any type of pizza-themed artwork or prints. Colorful canisters, dishware, and pottery displayed on open shelving add a nice touch. You might also display your wine collection in your pizzeria kitchen with a wall or floor wrought iron wall rack.

Professional decorator Robert Crowley is a contributing consultant and writer for who is also a huge fan of Issaquah pizza.

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