Decorating with candle holders: Designer Tips from experts

Candle holders are affordable; use them to become a focal point on your expensive coffee table or pack them up as a gift for someone special and they work perfectly. Today you will find the Indian candle holders have come a long way. While once upon a time these were wooden and metal holders that incorporated 1 to 3 long stemmed candles that were the only lighting for night time, today these are mostly aesthetical. Their designs are so intricate that while you are bound to see some traditional candle stands India and contemporary candle holders in most homes, rarely will they ever hold a lighted candle! What they do is add style, elegance and a mystical charm to the decor, and can also help you create some mood lighting when the desire calls.

Today with such beautiful designs in candle holders, it is rare to see a home without one. You will find ceramic candle holders and glass ones to be the most common, while wooden and metal candle stands India are a close second. They can be used to set a decor theme by matching them in colour to the accent shades used in the room. For example in a living room where beige is the most commonly used colour for upholstery, red cushions can bring in a touch of vibrancy. To take this decor style one step further, buy red candles in 3 sizes with 3 matching candle holders and use as a small cluster over a red placement mat as the focal point on your coffee table. You can use one short, thick candle in a red glass holder; one red long stemmed candle in a red metal holder and a red pillar candle in a bowl style red ceramic holder.

Sometimes you might need candles to perform their primary function – give light. When entertaining, most of us prefer to use yellow mood lighting and this is usually done with diffused lamps and artistic light fixtures. In case you are having the party in the living room with the doors thrown open to use the garden or patio area as an extension for the party, hallways leading from the living room to powder rooms and kitchen can become a little dingy because you have turned off all white lights for the perfect ambience. To illuminate these areas, use candle stands India in interesting clusters to create the perfect lighting as well as party setting that your guests will be bound to appreciate.

Also, keeping the same idea in mind, you can use candle stands India to also glamorize your outdoors when entertaining. To make sure that your guests can clearly see all walls and edges and pillars easily in the diffused lighting, set up Indian candle holders in metal or wood on all outdoor wall surfaces. This adds a little light and also sets the mood perfectly. In case you have a seating area with some tables and chairs for serving dinner outdoors, each of these can be graced with a centre piece that uses contemporary candle holders in interesting designs for some extra mood lighting in combination with fresh cut flowers from the garden.

With so many options in candle stands India, it is possible to find candle holders for all shapes and sizes in candles. Whether you want to sue these for purely decorative purposes or want to actually use candle light for mood lighting, choose a holder that is right size for the candle.

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