Decorating Porches And Sun Rooms

At times it’s hard to figure out how to fix up a screened in porch so that it looks good. Though you may spend a lot of time there during certain parts of the year, it still seems like a task that you’re not sure what to do about. Picking a light theme that will allow you to decorate this area in brighter colors may be a great idea. But remember the most important thing is the comfort of the area.

Porches will depend on if they are covered or not, and if they are screened in. An open porch you can’t put as nice of furniture out as you can in a porch that is covered, and the door locks. But you can add in some nice plants to the room no matter which kind of setting it is. A great look for a porch or sun room is a tropical forest look. Get some plants that look tropical and place them around the area. Make sure that if they need a lot of sun you place them where they will get that.

Placing up more plants in baskets that hang up are a nice idea. You can even place these outside to allow you to look at them. Get plants like ivy that will grow around the building, just as long as it doesn’t block out too much song for you. You can get some really nice looking hanging baskets to have a more elegant look. Or even the plain old green ones will do, placing flowers that bloom in pretty colors is another option. Think about placing either bamboo or wicker furniture in this room. They will stay clean easily and you can still find ones that are very comfortable.

Placing a rug in any of these types of room will add in some more character to the room, depending on if it’s plain or colorful. You can even get a nice rain forest design if you’ve put some tropical plants out there. Plus these rugs will also help on those colder days to help keep the cold away.

Although you wouldn’t need light during the day time, at night you might want to sit and read and watch nature, small lamps on end tables or floor lamps standing at the back of a sofa or a chaise would go well.

For the sun room and the all season’s porch, you might consider placing a small fountain in a corner or if the room is big enough, maybe in the center against the wall and then have a table and chairs where you can sit and listen to the water. It is a very relaxing sound just to listen to the water trickle down.

Or you can even place in not only a fountain, but also some fish if you want too. Check into a few different ideas before you start and see what kind you want to place there.

Again, these are just some tips for an indoor or outdoor porch area that is closed in and used either all year round or if you live in the south at least 9 months out of the year.

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