Decorating Ideas For A Georgian Patio

What could be more delightful that whiling away a sunny Saturday afternoon in the comfort of your glass enclosed Georgian patio? A gentle breeze sighs through the foliage of the black walnut and tupelo trees that dot the expanse of an immaculately manicured lawn. Standard bred horses graze in the adjoining pasture and the humming cadence of bees drifts from the honeysuckle vines that blanket the garden fence.

Georgian patios are not an unfamiliar home theme as this design has been around for many years. It is a modern twist to the classic southern porch used in early American homes common in many ancestral and plantation residence. The modern design adds enclosing the patio in glass, which also makes air-conditioning a fixture in the space. Old houses can benefit from retrofitting the roof or be trendy with a nature-inspired greenhouse design.

Decorating a Georgian patio cannot be any more feasible with so many timely furniture and adaptable materials to suit the space. Those made of wicker, rattan, maple, wood and bamboo are popular choices. Integrating colors in the patio can dramatically liven up the place. Bright cushions, pastel seat covers, earth-toned pillows and light furniture frames can do wonders for the entire space.

The patio floor should also be included in the decorating plan. If you can improve the floor by replacing it with new flooring, please do. It will transform the patio to its original, brand-new look. Still, whether you replace the flooring or make do with cleaning, area rugs will aid in the transformation. An area rug for a furniture set or one that highlights a piece of furnishing can make the room warm and welcoming. There are many pretty rugs designed for outdoor use. The fabrics, designs and colors will suit the weather factors and the natural colors perfectly.

The patio will be more one with nature if decorated with flowers and plants. The colors will contrast beautifully with the furniture. Placing potted plants by the window and some on the floor is an easy decorating placement that can nevertheless make the space look effortless. Tall indoor palms look best with a glass ceiling. Hanging plants also give a greenhouse feel to the Georgian patio.

Recessed lighting will not interfere with daylight illumination and offers an intimate glow in the evening hours. Slatted wooden blinds can block an overly intrusive sun during the day, or one can choose lighter curtains or correctly coordinated cloth blinds that inhibit but do not obliterate the power of the sun’s rays. Valances are always appropriate.

Remember that complementary colors, no matter how many, paired with a bright color work well especially for a space that is already blessed with natural lighting and colors, such as the patio. Enhance this area more by using colors that match with the existing colors or hues that when blended provide a whole new look to the place. Avoid using too dark colors. Instead, maximize pastels, brights and lights.

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