Decorating A Traditional Living Room

With a home’s living room traditionally being the gathering place for the family, ensuring that it has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is fairly important. Not only will good decor go a long way to making any visitors feel comfortable, it also enables everyday family members to quite happily spend a lot of time in it. If you feel that your own living room is lacking a little spark, the good news is that it’s reasonably inexpensive to decorate a traditional living room and transform it from something bland into something far more stylish.

The first thing to do is give it a fresh coat of paint. Many people overlook the importance of changing your surroundings from time to time. Not only does it prevent you from stagnating in the same atmosphere, it also gives you a sense of achievement and the resulting sense of satisfaction within yourself. Bright colors are a good choice here, since the living room is normally the one with the most windows and sunlight. A yellow or similar happy color is a good starting point.

Once you have chosen the color you’re happy with and repainted the walls, the next thing to do is look at your existing furniture. This doesn’t mean you need to necessarily buy a new three piece suite, or spend excessive amounts of money on new coffee tables or similar. The great thing about decorating a living room is that you can keep within traditional styling and merely update a little. So, if you have a wooden coffee table, for instance, sand it down and give it a different color varnish or wood stain. The effect will be immediate, and it’s very inexpensive.

Decorating a traditional living room calls for time tested and trusted designs in furniture so even your years old sofa can be made-over. If it’s made of material, you can now buy bespoke fabrics and have them measured to fit, and in the space of a few hours, you have a completely new sofa that you yourself have had a part in designing. Once again, going for more natural, cream-colored materials can offer a living room a whole new perspective.

Consider changing your light fittings too. It’s more than likely that your light switches are the same as the ones when you first moved into the property. Therefore, drop in to your local DIY or hardware store and treat yourself to a more stylish brass or dimmer-effect switch system. Once installed, they will bring out your new paintwork even more.

If you have the room and enjoy reading, think about putting a bookshelf into place as well. Not only does this help fill some space if you’re out of ideas, it also gives off the impression of a family who enjoy spending quiet, yet quality, time together, perhaps discussing the latest book they are reading. At the end of the day, the choices are limitless – the only thing you need to remember when decorating your traditional living room is to express your own personality, as this is where you’ll be spending many an hour.

Lee Dobbins is enthusiastic about interior design and making homes beautiful. She writes for many online ezines about interior decorating and design tips.

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