Decorating a Bathroom

Does your bathroom need a change in decor? Maybe just a few decorating additions or storage solutions?

Choosing the decor for your bathroom will depend on it’s purpose. Is it a master bathroom, a childrens bathroom, or a guest bathroom? Maybe just a main bathroom in the house that everyone uses? Whatever it’s purpose, there are many ideas to decorating your bathroom that can add style, function, and storage.

For a bathroom that is you own personal bathroom, such as a master bath, you might consider creating a relaxing atmosphere. Try using relaxing colors such as neutral tones, soft shades of purple or blue, or even rich shades of red and brown. Most people prefer to use colors that coordinate with the color scheme of thier bedroom if it is a master bath.

Next, add items that will help you relax, whether you are getting ready for your day, or relaxing in a nice hot bath at the end of your day. Try having a radio/CD player to listen to music to get your day going or unwind before going to bed. Candles are also nice if you want to have the soft light and pleasant scents while you are relaxing in the tub. Also, try using baskets or glass jars to place on the sink or on the shelf, to neatly store items which are used often. Make-up, cotton balls, and wash cloths, should be stored neatly with easy access. Having these items clutter your bathroom will not make your space a relaxing one.

If you are decorating a bathroom for children, you will want brighter colors. If it is a uni-sex bathroom, I prefer soft green colors to coordinate with both pinks and blues. There are so many themes to choose from, especially animal themes. Rubber ducks, garden animals, jungle animals, sea animals, or even bugs are very popular bathroom themes for children. Most have matching towels, rugs, shower curtains, and soap dishes.

There are a few things that you can add in a childs bathroom for convenience, safety, and to eliminate clutter. Try securing towel hooks low enough on the wall so that they are easy for children to reach. Decorative bath rugs or bath tub mats will add color to their bathroom, and will help prevents falls. And, for easy clean up for bath toys or soaps and shampoos, try using storage buckets with suction cups to stick inside the tub or on the wall. Children also like having a step stool to stand high enough to use the bathroom sink. You can even paint designs on it yourself to coordinate with the theme.

For a guest bathroom, there is one thing to try and keep in mind…storage! Your guests will want a place to easily store their bathroom belongings during their stay in your home. Adding a small wall mounted cabinet, shelves, or baskets will give them more storing space. You can place extra bars of soap and extra handtowels and washcloths on the shelves or in the baskets for their convenience. Also, you will want a place to neatly store plenty of towels. Try using a large basket that will hold towels neatly rolled inside, and extra towel hooks for them to hang after using. You can find bars with multiple towel hooks that hang right over your door!

Whatever the purpose of your bathroom, using these simple ideas will have you, your children, or your guests, enjoying the bathroom! These ideas will provide style and function in a room that we use for so many reasons, several times a day. Why should it be a boring space any longer?

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