Decorate On A Limited Budget: Beautify Your Home For Less

These days, in the face of a global money crunch everybody is looking for ways to save money. Those who are planning on doing up their house will be looking for ways to decorate on a shoestring. The good news is, this is not at all impossible. Decorating cheaply is easy to do once you allow your imagination to take flight. Here are some cheap decorating tips that you can use to brighten up your home:

One way is to utilize second-hand furniture and decors. It’s easy to fix them and with the proper care can last for a long time. There are tables, chairs, sofas, dining set, cabinets, etc. found in garage sales, flea markets and other second-hand stores. Artworks, rugs, curtains and other smaller items are plenty too. Buying recycled furniture is also a good idea. You’ll be surprised how so many of other people’s trash can be another’s treasure. To make second-hand things look better and suit your own furnishings, you can repaint and cover them in cushions, slip covers or upholstery. Hand-me-downs can also be sanded and primed. Some refreshing and cleaning, and they’ll be good as new.

Use second-hand furniture – with good eyes and patience, you can find a good deal from flea markets and second-hand stores. You can redo the furniture by repainting, changing the cover, updating the cushions or using new upholstery. Although you will spend for fixing, you will still save a lot more compared to buying brand new furniture.

Re-paint your walls – painting is one of the easiest and affordable tasks for home improvement. All you need are cans of your chosen paint and some brushes. A new room color will transform your home into a brand new place. Colors convey meanings, so choose colors that express your personality or those that reflect your desired mood. If you don’t wish to stick to a theme, you can paint different colors in every room.

Area rugs are available in so many colors and designs. Oriental, Persian and Native American rugs are three of the most popular kinds. They can be either handmade or machine-made, the former being more expensive. Rugs are also produced using different materials such as leather, cotton, wool, synthetic and bamboo. The shapes and sizes also vary to suit any space and room. There are many area rugs that meet a small budget. With the choices out there, surely, you’ll find one that you’ll pay for happily.

Add Decorative Painting

If you have never implemented decorative painting in your home, you can learn to do so easily by watching a video and getting a kit. You can use stamps and stencils as a way to make furniture, walls, cabinets and even the tile floor come to life. It costs very little money to paint decorative touches on walls using a kit and anyone can learn this art form. If you are afraid to do so right away on furniture, you can practice by using the stencils or stamps on poster board. This will allow you to implement the decorative touch to your home.

Add to the list of cheap decorating ideas are throw pillows. They are very affordable and like area rugs also come in different sizes, shapes, texture and colors. Depending on the fabric of the pillow cover, your budget can range from quite pricey to super cheap. Throw pillows look nice stylishly placed on a couch or chairs, and scattered on the floor. They can even be partners with your area rugs as floor decors.

Home decorating doesn’t have to stop indoors just because saving money is more important than spending. Include your outdoor areas such as the patio, deck or backyard and apply the same cheap decorating techniques you have for your interiors. Area rugs, throw pillows and second-hand furniture will work outdoors too

Improving or changing how our house looks can be cheap, easy and fun! Be open to ideas, be creative and resourceful and don’t be embarrassed to use second-hand stuff or low-priced materials. It’s all about your decorating strategy. You know what they say about fashion – it’s not the clothes, it’s who wears the clothes.

Don’t be ripped off by imitations. Be sure to buy authentic solid color area rugs directly.

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