Creative Step-by-step Wall Decorating Ideas to Beautify your Home

When it comes to putting your wall decorating ideas to the test, it only makes good sense to start with a step-by-step plan. To make the process seem a lot less stressful, start with the foundation which would include choosing paneling, wallpaper and paint for your walls and ending with the finishing touches such as wall sconces, framed wall art, wall mirrors and other decorative wall decor choices.

Choose Your Style:

Even though the most popular styles are traditional and contemporary, sometimes its more interesting to mix and match styles to coordinate with your room’s color scheme and furnishings.

Another excellent way to choose a style especially if you’re starting from scratch is to stick with the architectural design style of your home. Some of these design styles might include Mediterranean, traditional, modern, country or western.

Any color of paint can be used with any style. Some are just better suited for certain styles than others. For example, lavender and pastel shades are better suited for English Country. Off-white, beige, light green or very light blue as well as some deeper hues are better-suited for Traditional and Colonial styles.

What is your choice – Wallpaper, Paint or Paneling?

Painting is usually everyone’s first choice when it come to wall decorating. That’s because its fast and easy and its also easy to change if you find you don’t like the colors or the way it looks when the project is finished. Wallpaper is very fashionable nowadays but be careful not to overdo it or it will look busy and out of place. Hanging wallpaper on an accent wall to add interest to a room is ideal.

The popularity of paneling comes and goes. It tends to make a room darker. Hanging mirrors and light colored decorative wall decor, such as paintings of fields or other bright outdoor scenes work well with paneling.

Of course you can choose to decorate a dining room or a hallway with pre-finished or primed waincot paneling. The advantage of this is you can paint the primed paneling any color you like. Adding a chair rail at just the right height will put a nice finishing touch to this functional and practical wall decorating idea.

Choose Your Wall Decor:

You’ve heard it said, dark on light and light on dark. If you have a beautiful painting that has a heavy dark frame, it will stand out and look much better on a light colored background. Similarly, lighter objects will look better on a darker background. However, this rule may not apply in every circumstance depending on how much natural light the room receives and of course your own personal taste.

Finding inspiration for wall decor and wall decorating ideas is definitely a personal choice. For example, the colors on a favorite rug could help you choose a set of framed art prints for your wall or the style of your furnshings could help you select the same style in a decorative wall mirror.

Have some Decorating Fun:

You may want your entryway, living room and dining room to be formal, particularly if you entertain frequently. But you can have some fun in the other rooms of your home by choosing colorful decorating themes and color palettes to add interest and a sense of well being to your environment

Bright cheery colors are excellent choices for family rooms and children’s bedrooms. The kitchen should be bright, cheery and well-lit. Choosing a colorful theme such as a tropical or country decorating style can add a personal touch. Light colors on the walls help to increase the “airiness” of small rooms and those with few windows.

Nowadays there are a lot of unique wall decorating ideas to add interest to your home. For example, you can create a bamboo or stone facade, decorate your walls with gorgeous faux painting techniques or create some eye-catching back lit panels. Whatever your style and your final choices, you’ll find that exploring all these various step-by-step wall decorating ideas and exercising your own creativity is lots of fun as well as a very rewarding experience.

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