Creating Focal Points in Your Kitchen

The term “living room” is a misnomer. If there is one room where we spend most of our waking time, this room is the kitchen. Intimate gatherings with close guests like family and friends also happen in here. The last thing you want when entertaining is a bland kitchen. You want people to say “Wow!” when they enter. Not to worry, you can research and plan accordingly and have a new, improved, “Wow!”-worthy kitchen in no time.

An artist needs a blank canvass to create a masterpiece. The same can be said for you. Rid your kitchen of all the accumulated clutter: trinkets, unused spice bottles, rags, sponges, your tired blender, microwave and toaster – everything. Leave just the sink, counter top, and cabinets. Seeing your kitchen this way allows you to visualize changes more easily. Less distractions also means more creativity. Just plan your meals ahead and have a backup until your kitchen is done. A change of color palette, going with a different theme, maybe just a little organization, whatever the solution, you will arrive at it quicker if you tidy up.

Consider your remodeling contractor’s advice. They have seen and made enough kitchens to know what works and what only looks good on the drawing board. Use a combination of long-term improvements and quick fixes. Also consider your finances and other possible expenses along with your home improvement project. You might be forced to live with a half-finished kitchen if your budget runs out in the middle of renovation. Old cabinets need rework for them to function like new. Ask your contractor about new products that you might not know about. You can stretch your money by reusing old cabinets. All they need is a new contemporary look and some new features here and there. Using wood veneer instead of paint or wallpaper can enhance the overall look of your kitchen without you spending a lot. Even a fresh coat of paint can liven up a dull, dreary kitchen.

Being centers of activity, the counter top and sink are natural focal points in any kitchen. Catch your guests’ attention by making a stainless steel sink contrast with a dark granite counter top. A bare counter top is not necessarily boring. All you need are the bare essentials. If you insist on decorations, a tasteful flower arrangement in a simple vase is all you need. Functional items like a knife set or a spice rack can serve as decorations too. Going with this dual-purpose theme, area rugs placed in front of the sink not only prevents accidental spills but also serves as another focal point. Yellow rugs hide dirt and marks better than white rugs so better keep this in mind.

Another focal point that is often overlooked is the back splash. Painted walls can be too plain. Upscale stone tiles set in an interesting pattern can brighten up this area. Alternatives would be metallic tiles like those made of copper or tin.

Family members can also chime in and tell you what you want. But remember, it is your kitchen. Nobody will spend more time in it than you do. You must approve every design element that goes in.

Make updating your kitchen fun. Ideas abound from magazines, home improvement shows, the internet. Find out what you like and go for it. Do not wait. Because the sooner you make the change, the sooner you will hear compliments that will make all the trouble you went through worthwhile.

You can do this every couple of years without really breaking the bank. With the proper techniques, a kitchen makeover can be done for less. But if you go with a theme or a particular color scheme for everything, you might want to wait a couple of years more before doing it again. At least wait until your appliances are old enough to justify the cost of getting new ones.

Seraphina is a professional contributing author writing about home decorating. She loves all home accessorizes especially these bamboo rugs and black rugs.

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