Creating A Unique Bathroom With A Theme And Custom Shower Curtains

Decorating your home includes putting little pieces of your personal taste into your choices. Custom shower curtains are part of that personality showcase, whether you create your own curtains, order specially designed curtains or simply purchase curtains from a local store or home center.

Whatever your preferences and tastes, every aspect of your decor can reflect your unique personality. When it comes to decorating your bathroom, your choices are only limited by your own imagination.

Designing a bathroom that is all “you” begins with choosing a theme. Themes can range from classic and traditional to whimsical and fantastic. When choosing a theme, make sure it is something you can live with and be happy with long-term. You don’t want to choose a bathroom decor theme that you will grow tired of within just a few months.

Remember that a bathroom is a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable so keep that in mind when choosing a theme.

Theme options could be based around a color or an idea. Use a few of these suggestions as a starting point then incorporate your own ideas to create a bathroom decor that is unique and perfect for just you.

A nature theme offers relaxation and is created in many ways. You could opt to go in many directions from a concentration on butterflies or wildflowers to a focus on the outdoors. Paint is one of the best tools in creating any theme. With a nature theme, blue paint along the top of the walls and the ceiling can re-create a sense of the outdoors. Continue the decorative effects by adding in small animals (frogs, turtles, butterflies, bees) by painting, stamping, stenciling, using decals and even small statues.

Create an ocean theme through similar techniques by sponge painting the bottom of the walls to create a feeling of being underwater. Add fish and sea life decorations to complete the look.

A theme is not necessary in order to have a fun or relaxing bathroom, though. Opting to decorate simply with a color scheme may be just what you are after. Favorite color combinations and simple decorations can create a clean, crisp and uncluttered look for your bathroom. Choose a color combination that works well and is pleasing to your eye. Combos such as pink and chocolate, apple green and pink, yellow and white are just a few ideas. Make a trip to your local home center to look at paint chips for inspiration. Going with a simple color theme may be the easiest way as you are only limited by color and not by accessories.

Adding accessories such as a custom shower curtain, toothbrush holder, rugs and other decorations can help tie in the theme you choose. Consult local craft stores, home centers and online decorating and craft sites for ideas on how to create your own look. There are ways to take plain shower curtains and gussy them up to match your bathroom to your exact preferences and specifications. This is a fun DIY project that will give you just what you want for your bathroom. Specialty shops may also carry a variety of bathroom accessories that could fit into your decorating choice. If the offerings from local shops aren’t exactly what you need but are close, consider using your own crafty and DIY skills to add your own personal touches.

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