Creating a ‘Summery’ Household

Adding new and energetic colours and features to your home is a fantastic way of giving a dreary household a much needed injection of energy; as with all most tasks in home renovation and DIY however, there are plenty of ways for it to go wrong. If you are looking to turn a plain old home into a bright and Summery settlement then follow some of these simple yet flexible hints and ideas and see your dream home come to life!

Always Coordinate

No matter how ambitious and vibrant your chosen colour may be, always be consistent with your colour coordination. Stick to a predetermined colour scheme religiously, and make a quick sketch of the room using the exact colours to see if they work well together, this will prevent any work having to be redone.

Bright, light colours are the most effective at reflecting natural sunlight, so if you are looking to create a room that looks great in summer then look for vibrant, lively colours that really evoke a ‘fresh’ feeling.

Try to stick to two primary colours in each room, and then feel free to break the room up by adding a secondary colour in small dashes around the room. Say for example you choose a bright summery green tone, and a clean, neutral white tone to contrast it with; your third ‘secondary’ colour should work well with (and certainly not clash with) both of them.

Rethink Each Room

Each room can have new stylish features added in all areas; if you are looking to bring the summer into your bathroom consider adding some ‘beach house’ style blinds or lightly coloured contemporary bathroom furniture to really put across the theme you are looking to create. Be sure to coordinate these features with your chosen colour scheme and theme, as too many colours and styles in one room can detract from the overall appearance and be a little harsh to look at.

Take note of the items that you could add to create a light, modern and stylish appearance and replace old items at the same time. Dull, generic items such as ‘standard’ bathroom sinks and washbasins do nothing for the appearance of the room; source something more interesting and appealing such as a freestanding basin. The simple fact that your bathroom holds contemporary features such as this will enhance the overall appearance of the room and create a much more luxurious feeling for residents and visitors.

So there you have it; some great simple tips to ready your home for the summer; always remember to coordinate colours in advance!

Written on behalf of Day Daily who are the original source of ‘Creating a Summery Household’ and Bathshop321 Bathroom Furniture

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