Creating a Relaxing Patio Area with Bells of Vienna Chimes

Creating a Relaxing Patio Area with Bells of Vienna Chimes

For those home owners who have sufficient outdoor or garden space, a great way to further create a more homey, relaxing ambiance is by building a nice outdoor patio. If you live in particular states with a normally gentle weather, not having a patio can be a terrible injustice to your living space. And on breezy days, your decision to include a number of Bells of Vienna chimes in your patio setup will prove to be a nice, thoughtful finishing touch that may make your friends smile in delight.

Alternative to Backyard Parties of Old

Certain American holidays are almost always celebrated with one of those backyard barbecue parties, such as the celebration of the 4th of July. However, bare backyards–where there is nothing else but the barbecue grill and some wooden tables and a few trees here and there–are becoming more and more extinct. Most homeowners these days are fond of finding ways to make every inch of space surrounding their homes an extension of their own ideas about homey comfort and beauty, and so even backyards count and are often the favorite location for patios.

Patio Features

But what, exactly, can you include in a patio? Is it enough to simply place some poles and a roof and some sofa in the middle of it? Of course, a patio is much more than that. It is the perfectly comfortable or cozy place to entertain guests, where you can spend hours in friendly chit-chat. As such, a patio (depending on your budget) can have any or all of the following features:

* Outdoor kitchen or grill: if you love eating (and even if you don’t), having a ready outdoor kitchen in your patio means you don’t have to make frequent trips to the kitchen to get snacks or food. What’s more, the kitchen can even be a focal point of conversation, much like what we do with a bonfire during camping trips, roasting kebabs or marshmallows and hotdogs on the fire. Using a Hibachi or a barbecue grill is also great.

* Outdoor fireplace: this comes in handy especially during chilly evenings. You can also use a fire pit, or better, any of those Mexican chimineas–clay pot bellied stoves with a chimney. The great thing about chimineas is they are portable–you can easily rearrange them depending on where you need them.

* Furniture: the currently available patio furniture is actually an astonishing array of items in diverse designs–from rattan-made sofas, to quirky benches sculpted from driftwood, to the more traditional wrought-iron sets.

* Exotic flora: as long as your patio is located in the garden, you might as well make full use of its outdoor nature by the use of plants or flowers that fit your garden’s color scheme. The plants, of course, offer the added benefit of further contributing to the cooling down effect. And as long as they’re not poisonous, exotic flowering plants are a great enhancement to the whole setup and they can even serve as conversation pieces.

* Lighting fixtures: with the proper lighting, your patio can look utterly breathtaking at night, especially with the clever use of focused lighting or spot lights.

* Water features: falls, ponds, or semi-fountains serve the opposite of the fireplace, although they can work and complement each other. Water features work great in cooling down the ambient surroundings, aside from the fact that they do positively contribute to the aesthetic quality of the patio.

Special Wind Chimes

While you can use any of a number of wind chime varieties for your patio, we prefer the Bells of Vienna Chimes for their relaxing tones and long lasting resonance. This type of wind chime is of a patented design, featuring a three-step ring made of solid cast aluminum, and six heavy-walled aluminum tubes available in six designer colors. Not only does its exquisite exterior serve a perfect match to your other furniture or decor, but it also sounds great. This meticulous construction enables this wind chime to produce an exceptionally rich sound with a distinct tone and a fantastic resonance. It is truly a must-have for anyone intending to create a relaxing patio.

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