Creating a Five Star Bathroom

A stylish, modern home is something many people aspire to have; having a house which is at the cutting edge of style and interior design not only provides you with a great place to relax and call home, but also looks fantastic and is sure to ‘wow’ visiting family and friends. There are many ways to add great modern features to your home, but one room that perhaps has the potential to show off your eye for design in the household bathroom.

The bathroom had this potential for two reasons. Firstly, you can apply colours and textures in the bathroom that you would not be able to do with confidence in other rooms; secondly, the features that are created for use in the bathroom are available in a wide range of stylish shapes and sizes, each of which can add a certain look or ‘feel’ to your bathroom. Many people will know the luxurious feeling that comes from walking into a modern, stylish bathroom; four and five star hotels often do their upmost to create bathrooms with stylish, modern colours and textures to present this ‘wow’ feeling to guests. This is purely because the bathroom has the potential to have this effect on guests, so to make the most of your bathroom you must adopt the same attitude. Let’s look at a few simple ways that you can add some classy features to your bathroom and create that five star appearance!

Designer Fixtures

Features as small as bathroom taps can have a huge effect on the overall appearance of the room, adding stylish designer features to the sink and bath are sure to add heaps of style and have a great effect on guests when they come to use the taps; this shows you have put extra time and thought into the layout of the room. Modern shower enclosures can have a similar effect on the room; the shimmering chrome outline of the frame with curved, polished glass surrounding the shower looks fantastic, stylish and sturdy.

Other features such as the bathroom sink can be bought in various shapes and styles; for example, freestanding basins serve the same purpose and function yet have a completely different appearance and add a different ‘feel’ to the room.

Choose Colours Wisely

Be sure that you are choosing stylish colours to accent your bathroom with; too many vibrant colours can draw attention away from your carefully chosen fixtures and create a strange mishmash of chrome textures and bright tones. Try to choose one primary colour to use in your bathroom, shades of black are very popular as they look great when applied with chrome fixtures and do not stand out too much.

Choose accessories in a well matched secondary colour; items such as towels, candles and washcloths can be bought to match and will look great when all are added together.

There we have some simple tips to help you create a stylish and impressive bathroom.

Written on behalf of DIY is easy who are the original source of ‘Creating a Five Star Bathroom‘ and Branded Bathroom’s Shower Enclosures

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