Create a Fantastic Outdoor Space with Design and Dcor

Having access to someone in the design world works wonders when you are dealing with the interiors of your home. I just learned that those same principles also holds true when you are making changes to the outside of your house with a few modifications.

For instance, in your yard it’s not just about aesthetics. One has to consider the types of plants that are going to be planted and where in the yard they will go. This requires thinking about where and how much sunlight falls and getting the right plants in the right places that also have the coloring you want to create in your garden.

Once you get over that hurdle, the simple design elements that designers of all kinds have knowledge of can be invaluable to your outdoor project. Keep in mind that whatever you do, you may need some contractor help as well as some general labor to carry out your plans. Now let’s look at some of those elements we should consider.

Balance brings pictures of the scales measuring out the two sides so each weighs the same. However, balance in design does not always equate to an equal part on two sides. It’s more of an even flow from one thing to another; a symmetry where everything equals out in the end. Watch that you create more than separate spaces but a collective whole that comes together.

Another aspect of balance is seen in the elements that are around you. To incorporate earth, air, fire and water is a fantastic way to achieve balance in an outdoor space. If you are able to add to the elements a since of movement then flow comes into play. Most people just think water fountains. However, you can plant grasses that move with the wind or fire and water combinations that can be stunning.

I love when the rhythm of the natural elements fall in line with the rhythm of what man has made. In other words the design in colors, cushions, walkways or dcor all come together to enhance the yard or garden and you can fell and see the rhythm that moves through it all. It’s almost a spiritual thing at times and sends goose bumps up a spine.

You want you yard to sing in perfect harmony with you and you do that by using the rhythms and balance that we have discussed. The thing I love about harmony is it’s not all packaged and pretty for to have harmony there must be contrast. There is always a little “bad” to make sure the “good” is noticed. It is almost always subtle and wonderful.

The other element is the use of focal points. If done properly, you can deemphasize the elephant in the yard and bring everyone to the attention of the mouse. You can hide almost anything in the middle of the yard with the proper use of focal points. An amazing tool to use!

Everyone in your household has great ideas that should be explored and developed to see if they can be incorporated into your overall plan. To help you eliminate, design and decorate your yard it is well worth the effort to hire someone with a design background and experience. Every effort should be made to have the best outdoor spaces to match the great indoor space of your dreams. Get started today!

In small yards the perfect garden dcor is decorative planters. Another great thing for small yards are urban garden raised beds that takes up a very small space and can be set up in the yard or on larger decks or patios.

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