Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Not so long ago the average household kitchen was a place in which food was stored, prepared and cooked and dishes cleaned. And that was pretty much it. The thought that anyone would view it as the heart of the home and a great place to socialize would have seemed ridiculous.

Accordingly, while attention might have been paid to decor and lighting in other parts of the house such as the lounge and bedrooms for example, the kitchen was regarded as purely functional and often illuminated with quite harsh fluorescent tubes or similarly stark lighting. Practical perhaps, but appealing and inviting it most definitely was not.

Now though the kitchen area has become a widely used space for entertaining guests and family gatherings. Modern kitchens are designed so as not to be isolated from the other parts of the house any longer. Serving food and snacks has become a lot easier this way.

But what if your kitchen still has that awful lighting from a bygone era? No matter where you stand, central overhead lighting means you are always standing in your own shadow. It also does an excellent job of obliterating any interesting features in your kitchen and makes the work areas below wall cabinets dark and awkward to use.

When you examine the layout of a typical modern kitchen you’ll see that it is full of interesting shapes and lines, surfaces at odd angles, nooks and crannies and a variety of materials. These are features that all beg to be accented in different ways and assigning specific types of lighting is a good way of really showing them off to their best.

Folk not infrequently spend a fortune on high quality work surfaces and cupboard doors that no-one ever properly appreciates for the simple reason that they don’t light them adequately. The fact is though that it is almost too easy to lift counters just by fitting low level lighting below wall cupboards.

In contrast to regular incandescent lighting, LED lights are lightweight, small, robust and barely warm to the touch which means you can fit them pretty much anywhere. LED spotlights and strips (thin flexible or rigid lengths of plastic with embedded LEDs) are a popular choice in many kitchens these days.

This does not mean that there is no need for overhead lighting in the kitchen area. Such lights are typically useful for ambient lighting. Recessed spotlights though look much better than conventional tubes and bulbs. You can easily place spot lights and LED lights to suit the arrangement of the furniture in your kitchen area. These lights are durable, attractive and worth the investment and you will reap the benefits for many years to come.

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