Container Gardens: Some Great Ideas

People who are working with small sized gardens often find themselves at a loss when it comes to what to do with their small space. By applying some well thought out ideas to your small garden, however, you can make it something beautiful. Remember that small spaces can still include lots of variety in both types of plants and colors.

Making Use of Containers

If you don’t have a lot of place to plant then containers are an ideal place to start. If you think flower pots are boring then think again. There are a lot of gardening ideas that you can utilise flower pots in a way that is interesting and colorful.

The containers you use in your garden certainly do not have to all be the same exact color. In fact, painting the pots you use a variety of complimentary colors and varying the size and shape of the pots will create quite a delightful effect in your garden. You can use all of the space you have by putting your plants in hanging planters as well.

Choosing the Correct Container

In order to choose the proper container for your garden, you will need to think about what kind of plants you plan on using in the container. One essential feature of any container used for any plant is a drainage system that will prevent the plants roots from rotting.

When selecting a terra-cotta or ceramic container make sure that it has at least four or five good drainage holes. When you buy plastic or steel containers that don’t have drainage holes you can easily make your own with a drill.

There are lots of interesting household items that can be used as containers for a garden. Painted tin cans, watering cans, and even wellington boots are just a few ideas. Baskets can be used in a garden if you line them with coco fiber or sphagnum moss in order to prevent the soil from leaving the basket and to allow for drainage. In reality, you can use anything you want for a garden container. Your only limit is your imagination.

Did you know your vegetable garden layout can have a big impact on how well your tomatoes grow? Some simple planning will make a huge difference. Learn more about planning your vegetable garden on the Vegetable Gardeners website.

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