Classic Designs in a Modern Home

It seems to be the case that in many houses and apartments these days, homeowners strive to create the most stylish and modern home possible; adding as many hi-tech gadgets and shiny items as possible. This is all well and good, but many people enjoy spending time in a more homely, classic looking house; the comforting appearance and warming colours of vintage designs and textures often add something to a home that hi-tech gadgets and designer kitchen taps cannot.

It is equally as possible to show off your eye for style by adding classic furniture and features around the house; all it takes is a little forward thinking and some strategically placed accessories to bring the theme together!

Vintage Furniture

Many pieces of vintage furniture can be bought and arranged to compliment and accompany each other wonderfully. This is where forward thinking comes into play; plan far ahead and consider your options when looking to add some new pieces to your home. Furniture such as stylish dressing tables can add heaps of style and character to a bedroom, and show that you have consistently carried the style and design throughout the house. Another way to catty a consistent style and design through your home is by applying the same pattern to areas such as bed sheets and curtains.

Floral designs and patterns look fantastic in these areas if combined with other vintage items such as vanity mirrors, hand crafted chairs, stools and any other pieces you feel sell that vintage look, without going over the top.

Charming Accessories

There are small features you’d expect to find in a vintage home that you could place around your house to really add effect. Old style biscuit tins or cookie jars somehow seem to have a very distinctive and recognisable design; items that deliver this familiar sort of feeling have a way of standing out and can make a huge difference if placed in a suitable area.

Your choice of lighting can contribute massively when planning a vintage home; the warming glow of a classic looking lampshade can instantly add that cosy homely feeling to any living room. Choose a lamp shade that filters the light to a slightly duller yet more warming glow, this can serve as a fantastic finishing touch to a homely vintage living room or bedroom and will help even the most uptight visitor relax and sink back into their seat.

So, with just a little forward thinking and a keen eye whilst shopping for decoration, you can inject your home with some vintage style with the greatest of ease!

This article was written on behalf of Tapshop321 Kitchen Taps

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