Christmas Store Dallas TX: Patio Christmas Decorating Tips

christmas store dallas txYou’re probably thinking about going to a Christmas store Dallas TX to get amazing decorations for your front yard, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t think about sprucing up your backyard, too. The Christmas spirit doesn’t just affect the front of your home; the back of it should celebrate, as well! Deck your patio space with boughs of holly and these ideas that are sure to attract Santa, and make your neighbors wish they did the same thing.

Christmas Store Dallas TX: Decorate Your Chimineas

Your mantel and fireplace are probably decorated with stockings, wreaths, and other lovely Christmas décor, and your chiminea wants to get in on that holiday feel, as well. Adorning your chiminea with a festive wreath gives your outdoor space a new feel, and makes your yard merry and bright. Just make sure to remove the wreath before starting a fire to avoid any potential fire hazards.

Christmas Decor Dallas TX: Lights

Decorating your front yard with lights is probably a no-brainer, but have you ever thought of the winter wonderland you could create by adorning the back of your home with beautiful lights, as well? Although you may not want to get as festive as you do out front, you can add charm by donning your trees, shrubs, and patio or deck perimeter with lights. Don’t forget your flower pots and boxes; they also look beautiful dressed up in lights.

Christmas Stores Dallas TX: Furniture Swag

Swags are often found above doors, but you can spruce up your patio and deck furniture by lying or wrapping Christmas swags on them. Benches, chairs, and even lounge furniture will get a festive feel with swags made from tree branches, birch bark, ribbons, and lights. Make your own or visit a Christmas store Dallas TX to get a cheery garland.

Outdoor Christmas Tree Ornaments Dallas TX

We often think of ornaments as only appropriate for indoor trees, but you’ll be amazed at how you can transform your outdoor space with just a few baubles. Slide ornaments in your flower pots, on your patio table, or even in your shrubs and bushes to make them look like they came right out of the North Pole.

Let Our Experienced Staff Help You With Your Needs for Christmas Decor Dallas TX

Don’t try decorating your outdoor space alone; trust the experienced professionals of Jacksons Home and Garden to help you achieve the holiday landscape you’ve been dreaming of. Not every Christmas store Dallas TX can provide you with the knowledge and products you need to turn your home into Santa’s playground, but we can. Call us today to learn more at 469.789.5440.

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