Choosing Popular Flowers For Flower Gardens

When it comes to choosing flowers for your flower garden, you can base it on personal preference and also consider the other plants in your landscape. Try to choose flowers that will blend with the surrounding plants. The different meanings and symbolism of popular flowers are also something you should be aware of.

Probably the most popular flower in the world is the rose. The rose is known around the world as a symbol of love and beauty. The rose has been mentioned in songs, poetry, and plays. It’s also known to be romantic.

Other rose colors have different meanings. Happiness is what yellow stands for. Innocence and sincerity is what the white rose stands for. Pink is a color that says, “Thank you.” When it comes to the peach rose, it means deal closing and optimism.

A type of flower that’s very popular is the lily. Making a big difference to their meaning is the flower’s color and type. Calla lilies are a symbol of beauty. White lilies symbolize purity. Tiger lilies symbolize wealth and pride. As for the orange lilies, they symbolize hatred.

Daisies are quite popular. Extremely popular in flower gardens are gerbera daisies. Daisies stand for innocence, purity, and kindness. For wedding, lilacs are very popular because they symbolize new love. They also symbolize the first love between a parent and a child so they’re a popular choice to give to new parent.

Tulips are beautiful. They look unique and come in bold colors. Tulips symbolizes fame and romance. Red tulips are meant for a declaration of love or passion. Hopeless love is what the yellow tulips symbolize.

Orchids are considered as exotic flowers. In China, orchids are generally used to symbolize numerous children. In other cultures, orchids stand for love and refinement. Carnations are meant to signify health and energy, but the color makes a difference in the message.

If you want to tell someone you’ll never forget them, give them pink carnations. For admiration and true love, use red carnations. Pure love and innocence are what white carnations signify. Yellow carnations symbolize rejection or hatred.

Pansies are tasty, edible flowers that are often added to salads. They can also be used to decorate cakes. They’re known to symbolize loving thoughts. Regard, respect, and unrequited love are what daffodils symbolize.

Don’t choose marigolds if you want a happy flower garden. Grief, anger, jealousy, hatred, and cruelty are what marigolds symbolize. However, comfort to the grieving is what they also stand for. Violets generally stand for modesty, but the color does make a difference. Standing for loyalty, faithfulness, and watchfulness are blue violets. White violets symbolize taking a chance on something, especially a relationship.

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