Choosing a Maui Wedding Package

They range in price from as little as a few hundred dollars to, really, as much money as you’d like to spend.

A lot of people opt for the simple wedding service for two on a secluded beach, with a few simple appetizers, some champagne and a hotel room to start your honeymoon. Weddings such as these can be arranged for you for as little as $200, depending on the hotel room, of course. 

More expensive Maui wedding packages offer a ceremony on the beach with live music and as soon as you’ve recited your vows, you and your new spouse will be whisked off to a waiting yacht for a moonlight cruise in the gentle ocean waters as you begin your honeymoon in style and splendor.

For the more traditional, there are Maui wedding packages available in a variety of wedding chapels across the island. For a small fee you can drive up to the chapel, get married and then depart on your own to start your honeymoon and continue your vacation. Other people prefer to arrive by limousineHealth Fitness Articles, take their vows and then enjoy a lavish party for their friends and loved ones at the location. Others prefer to get married in the lovely town of Lahaina where you can get married and then party till dawn at any — or all — of the town’s famous watering holes.

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