Choose a Faucet to Fit In With Your Bathroom Decor

It’s time to finally replace that leaky old faucet. That constant dripping is keeping you up all night and it’s not a simple repair like a washer which is called for; you’re going to have to replace the entire thing. So it’s off to the home supply store – and there you freeze, unable to choose from the huge variety of faucets on display.

Keeping the Same Style Is Easiest

First of all you have to decide whether or not to stick with what you know and replace the faulty faucet with exactly the same style as before. This is by far the easiest route to take as all you need to do is remove your existing faucet, pop along to your local hardware store and buy exactly the same one again. Of course, if this is not possible then the complications set in and your task becomes much more involved. As there are so many types of mounting for your fixture you will need to know which one you need before buying your new faucet. This can often be the most difficult part of selecting your new faucet because, as usual, the one you really prefer will not necessarily work with the configuration of your sink.

Determine Your Type of Mounting

The most commonly seen mountings include widespread, where there will be individual cold and hot water knobs; center set, with a single knob for hot and cold and covering all three holes which may be present for mounting on your sink; mini-widespread, similar to widespread except for the knobs being less spaced apart; and single-hole, which is similar to center set but only filling one hole and usually wall-mounted (e.g. – most likely a bathtub faucet). Sinks with 4″ holes pre-drilled are best for center set and mini-widespread type faucets. Some of the single hole faucets may also be used on these sinks. However, if yours is one of the other types, you’re better off using a replacement faucet of the same mounting type.

It’s all down to aesthetics once you have worked out which type of mount your sink has. It is a matter of personal preference as to which finish will look the best and complement the rest of your bathroom. If your bathroom has decor of an antique flavor you may decide to go with a classical style of rounded edges and flowery embellishments. On the other hand if it is modern is design, sharper and geometric angles may be more appropriate.

Choosing the Finish

After choosing a faucet, you just have to install it, right? Not so fast – you need to decide on a finish. Bathroom fixtures can be found in many different finishes and materials. While chrome and stainless steel are the most common, every finish and material has its own pros and cons. The most common (stainless steel and chrome) are prone to scratching and show fingerprints easily. Brass is very attractive, but rusts. Brushed nickel has a nice flat finish, but is pricey and the plating eventually wears off. Know what choices are available too you before deciding on a finish.

There are even choices as far as the handles are concerned with some faucets. Once again these should be matched up to the decor of the rest of your bathroom. All that is left now is to take home your new faucet and fit it. Not only will you be free of the dripping noise, you are also likely to receive many compliments on what can only be described as one of the most basic bathroom items of all time.

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