Cheap Home Decor Ideas – Incorporating Mirrors

Whether you are redecorating an old space or trying to give life to a new one, you’re probably looking for some cheap home decor ideas. There are a number of options for incorporating small inexpensive elements into your decorating scheme without making your room look too busy. Depending on which room you are trying to furnish and the feel you are going for, mirrors can be a very cost effective way to add some style to your room. Here we will take a look at how you can incorporate mirrors into almost any room of the house.

Mirrors in the Living Room

Your living room tends to be the most social of all the rooms in your house save for the kitchen. This is where you can really let your style shine and give guests an immediate feel for your home. A well decorated living room can give your guests a feeling of comfort and welcome, grandiosity and elegance, or simply your own quirky eclectic style. Strategically placed mirrors can make a small space look larger, and a large space feel grandiose. Everything from the shape of your mirror to the style of the frame can be manipulated to match your personal style. A really large decorative mirror can be a centerpiece and focal point for the room. Smaller mirrors can be used around entry spaces to serve the dual purpose of wall art and practicality (for that quick last minute check before you leave the house).

Mirrors in the Kitchen

A kitchen isn’t a place where one normally thinks to put a mirror, but you may be surprised at how easily they can fit into the décor. If your kitchen is quite small you can eliminate a cramped feeling and really open the kitchen up with a mirror placed on a far wall. A mirror in dining areas is a trick used by many restaurants to create a feeling of space, and you can use it as well. More often than not, the mirror will go virtually unnoticed while giving the room an airy and welcoming feeling.

Mirrors in the Bathroom

While a bathroom in a place where mirrors are traditionally found over sinks, there are ways to use them to open up a smaller powder room or to make your master bathroom feel more spacious and spa-like. Be careful to place them so as not to reflect upon the commode and make your guests uncomfortable, but by placing them on the closed wall you can make your powder room feel much larger and more comfortable for your guests to use.

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