Caring For Your Oriental Rug

Some people think rug maintenance is the work of specialized professionals and it is best to leave it to them. While that is partly true, there are several DIY measures that you can undertake to extend the life of your rug and keep it looking good for a longer time. Oriental rugs can look beautiful for a long time only with the proper maintenance and care to make it last through the years.

Some of the things that will harm your rugs and cause them to deteriorate quicker is general wear, grit, insects and moths and moisture. To give your rug a longer life with general use can be accomplished by the following tips to prevent these elements from giving you the long life you expect from your oriental rug. These are practical and very simple tips, although some are best done by professionals and well worth the added investment.

Regularly Rotate the Rug – Your rug needs to be rotated once a year, especially if it’s in an area that is walked on a lot. A path of wear will be created when it walked on, over and over, by rotating the rug, this will be prevented. If your rug is exposed to direct sunlight, this will fade the colors of the fibers. Rotation is important to even out fading as well as wear.

Oriental rugs need to be vacuumed often – Dirt and grime is held in the fibers of the oriental rugs which causes wear. Walking on the rugs can in bed the fibers together which causes it to wear faster. This can ruin the rug if not vacuumed out regularly. The fibers of the rug are removed also. Caution should be taken not to over do the vacuuming.

To find the direction of the pile of the rug, run your hand across and see which direction is the shiny side. Vacuum the front, then back, and again along the front of the pile.

Check often for insects – Carpet moths and beetles can attack your rug and destroy it before you even know they are there. To prevent this, check your rug on a regular schedule, underneath the rug and in the pile.

Have the professionals clean it – For a good thorough cleaning, take it to the professionals to clean it for you. This should be done every year or up to three, depending on the area it is used. Damage from dirt and dust vacuuming cannot remove will cause your rug to slowly deteriorate. Professional cleaning will remove this left-in and embedded dirt.

Store it Properly – If you need to store your rug, roll it up in paper and avoid plastic to wrap it in. The fibers of your rug need’s to breathe and plastic will prevent this. If it is stored in plastic, moisture may be present and cause mold and mildew to grow. This will cause damage to your rug. Don’t store your rug where it is damp or very warm, this is the perfect setting for mildew growth.

Keep your Rug Safe from Water or Fire Damage- Clean your rug immediately if you have a fire. Some natural fibers and wool fibers can be damaged by soot, which is acidic. It must be dried after getting wet to prevent the growth of mildew.

Clean Accidental Spills – As soon as a spill happens, mop up the liquid with a very absorbent cloth. If the spill is from a matter that is solid, remove it with a spatula or spoon. As soon as possible, have it professionally cleaned.

The above tips can help with the maintenance and care of your rugs, making it easy to stay ahead of dirt, grim, moths and beetles, wear and fading of your rug.

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