Bringing The Outdoors To Your Home

If your heart beats to the natural rhythms of the great outdoors, you can bring that feeling inside by creating a rustic design for your home or office.

Rustic home design is the choice. It may be a simple theme to look at but the decors that come with this style are certainly full of character and beauty.

Rustic decors may be centered on earth tones and wooden pieces, but the variety in the ideas that you can use are plenty. You can choose among the cabin log look, in the middle of the forest or clearing, mountainside dwelling, cattle and ranch style of the Old West and the Wild Wild West.

You don’t necessarily have to use wood as material if it will cause you hassle in doing so. You can just use paint that is reminiscent of a wood paneling. Shades of tan, cream, beige, off-white and browns will work nicely. Wallpapering is an option if you do not want to paint your walls. Choose a wallpaper design with a background that depicts nature or the outdoors.

Accessorizing is important in creating the rustic theme. Utilize nature’s real things – wild flowers, grapevine wreaths, wood shavings, logs and even fruits placed in wooden containers.

Fabrics that are true to nature’s beauty will make the design more realistic. Corduroy and denim are ideal for a rustic look. Applying a rustic design will ask for some sacrifice though. That is, getting rid of wall-to-wall carpeting. Wood is the flooring of choice. If you prefer the Western ambiance, then Southwestern-style tiles will look great.

For the floor, wood is definitely in and so are braided area rugs. Enhance the theme with Indian rugs and drapes.

Wall decors only need to be simple but reminiscent of the outdoors. It can be about nature or animals. You can stencil, paint or border the walls or hang artworks and photographs. Better yet, do both!

The final touches in rustic decor focus on vintage accents and collectibles.

For instance, quilts are one of the few accents that work well in every rustic style except for Native American. Even cowboys had quilts back at the ranch house, as long as they are done in a style that reflects their culture. Smaller quilts make wonderful throws for couches and chairs. Larger quilts can even serve as art objects or wall coverings. However, make sure that the quilt style and pattern complement your Rustic decor choices.

There are so many things that you can use. Base your choices on the many outdoor activities and their accessories. Fishing rods, oars, hunting paraphernalia and others might add to the rustic interior of your home. Just ascertain that your house will not be too crowded for you to move around.

Finally, don’t forget to express your personality in your decors.

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