Bringing The Beach Home


Do you love the way you feel when you’re at the beach?  Close your eyes for a moment and picture the water, sky and sand. Can you feel the breeze coming off the ocean and smell the salt scented air?  If you’re like me you don’t get to spend as much time there as you’d like.  My solution to that is creating the same feeling in my home with beach, nautical and tropical themed decor.  There are many different ways of using beach decor.   Whether you prefer muted, soothing colors or brighter, tropical ones the possibilities are endless.  For this type of home decor you want to begin with the correct color on the walls.  This will be your backdrop for everything else you put in the room.  *  Neutral Tones:  The beach is made up of a wide variety of neutral colors.  Think of the sand (in both sun and shade), the color of the seashells, sticks and rocks.  These are the colors that work great for your walls.   Any neutral shade from light beige to the lightest gray will lend the relaxed feel that you’re looking for.*  Blues and Greens:  Of course, these are colors that we think of when we picture the beach.  The water ranging in color from the palest blue to aquamarine to almost green.  The sand dunes covered in variegated shades of green and tan.  The always changing sky with its range of color from cobalt to the faintest of blues.  Using any of these colors would lend to the open, calm feeling that you want to achieve in your beach decor.  Use the lighter end of the spectrum on your walls and save the deeper, more intense colors for your accessories.*  White:  From the clouds in the sky to the water of the breaking surf white is always present at the coast.  White walls work great with any shade of blue or green and even help to accentuate your neutral accessories.  White paired with various shades of blue is a classic coastal or nautical look.   Or, to bring a bit of crispness to the room, you can paint the trim of your neutral walls white.  Another way to bring the beach feel into your decor is through window treatments. Use sheer curtains out of light fabric to give your room a breezy feel.  Just like when you’re at the beach you want some movement at the windows when you open them to let in the fresh air.  A neutral color or a light pattern on the fabric works best.  The color of your walls and window treatments will give you the perfect setting in which to create your beach themed ambience.  The accessories, artwork, fabrics and accents you add will complete the look.  Remember to stop, close your eyes and feel the beach when you are choosing these items.  Now, kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy bringing the beach home!Source: Free Articles from

Lori McNeil Long is passionate about all things beach related.  She lives in Washington State and frequents the beaches of the Pacific Coast.  She also travels to more exotic locations trading in the tan sand and fir trees at home for white sand and palm trees.  Lori is inspired by the diversity of the beaches she visits and loves to bring the feeling of them into her home. She has created a website dedicated to beach, tropical and nautical themed decor to help you do the same in your home and garden.  For ideas and inspiration visit SeabreezeDesires

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