Brindaban Gardens in Mysore & most enjoy your holiday

Replete of both modern as well as old world tourism attractions, a trip to the enchanting city of Mysore is a journey to embark on. Simply, head to the city and make your stay at one of the finest hotels in Mysore for best holidays.


Mysore, a beautiful old city that is best known for magnificent royal heritage, busy markets, modern culture and friendly populace, is in right terms the exhibit of flamboyant India. In fact, there is a popular saying that states “if you haven’t been to Mysore yet, you just haven’t seen South India”. Mysore, a beautiful city that is old yet modern, at the same time, is one of the most popular cities in deep southern India. It is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka and was the capital of the Wodeyar dynasty. Today, it is one of the most well planned cities in the nation and is a powerhouse of commerce and administration.

Mysore, is simply one of the most cleanest cities one has ever been to, bagging it the title of the second most cleanest city in the country. The records state that the city became the capital of the Vijayanagara empire in the year 1584. It has above 600 years of glorious legacy and was ruled by the Vijayanagara kings, Mughals, and the British. It is this city where the great Tipu Sultan met a glorious death in the war against the British. With the change in the administration over the time, many constructions and contribution were made in the city and the city’s culture and history. Today, almost all of their remnants stand tall, although a bit aged but with all their might and glory. The Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Lalit Mahal Palace, Jagmohan Palace, St. Philomenas Church, Jayalakshmivilas mansion etc., are some of the most prominent historical heritages in the city, showcasing the glory of the bygone.

Today, being a powerful seat of commerce, the city has evolved a lot from being a quiet-sleepy city. Today, it comes after Bangalore in terms of commerce, administration. With number of sleek office complexes, plush residencies, supermarkets, improved roads, a couple of proposed malls, and the influx of IT and BPO, today the city is filled with young bloods. It is certainly a modern, glamorous city filled with opportunities for the enthusiasts.

Stuffed with infinite tourism attractions, there are loads to do, learn, see, explore, and relish in the city. It is a pool of rewarding opportunities. There are several museums, historical buildings and monuments, comforts and attractions of modern tourism, parks, gardens, public places, and more. To name some of the most prominent places to visit in Mysore include: Anima Creativity Hub, Kalim, National Museum on Natural History, Rail Museum, Brindavan Gardens , Folk Art Museum, Melody World, Karanji Kere, Happy Man Park, Mysore Zoo, Datta Peetham, Lalit Mahal Palace, St. Philomenas Church, and the Mysore Palace.

The good thing is, for its historical, tourism, commerce, and administrative significance the city is a major city in the nation and is well-connected to all major cities in the nation. There are frequent Delhi to Mysore flights and flights from Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai.

Coming to accommodations in the city, it is one of the many virtues of the city. Finding a comfortable and content hotel in Mysore is an easy affair. There exists a huge range of hotels in the city. Royal Orchid Metropole Mysore, , Orange County Kabini, Moriz Inn Hotel, Fortune Jp PalaceFind Article, and The Dawn Hotel Mysore are some of the most popular hotels offering a content stay in the city.

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