BEST PLANTS FOR A SOUTH FLORIDA GARDEN: A Landscape Architect's guide to plant zones 9b, 10a, 10b,11

BEST PLANTS FOR A SOUTH FLORIDA GARDEN: A Landscape Architect's guide to plant zones 9b, 10a, 10b,11

Hi Gardening friends, today I go over my recommended plants for a South Florida Garden. I concentrated this video to cover shrubs, ground covers and vines. I save my recommendations for trees, palms and accents for another future video, since video is already long- over 30 minutes. We hope you find value in this information. And please consider subscribing to our channel so you can get all the related videos as soon as I post them. Thanks

DIGGING IN: Let’s Grow takes a wholistic approach to caring for plants. If you need help with outdoor gardening in South Florida, Let’s Grow has a wealth of helpful topics that focus on the big picture as well as the details. This includes providing professional garden advice on choosing the right South Florida garden plants for your garden, such as shade loving plants for a garden, sun loving plants for a garden, garden plant installation, garden plants watering needs, as well as plant fertilizer needs; the all important garden plant lighting needs & gardening SOUTH FLORIDA gardens landscape zone 9 and landscape zone 10! PLUS we will also share our professional expertise on many of the new and exciting gardening trends and ideas in the field of Landscape Architecture and environmental awareness. We also dig into detailed landscape design plans for your garden, whether it be for butterflies or a tropical garden retreat, we can help you find the garden of your dreams.



1) HOUSE PLANTS- Guidance on how to grow house plants (Indoor Environment)
2) GARDENING ADVICE – Professional tips on gardening (Outdoor Environment)
3) LANDSCAPE DESIGN- Learn how to design a garden like a Pro (Global Environment)
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I’m Michael and I love everything green. I’m a Registered Landscape Architect, General Contractor and Environmentalist. I have over 33 years experience in the design, installation and maintenance of resilient gardens & interior plants.

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    some one recommended red creeping thyme but some say good to zones 8 /9 others 10
    what would you suggest ?

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    Hi Michael, I just came upon you channel and I am new to South Florida. Do you have any ideas for plants that will do well in containers. I don’t have a large space but would love to add ‘color’ to my containers around my property. Thank you

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