Best Organic Pest Control for your garden


Have you ever wondered why you bother to plant gardens, whether they be flower or vegetable, because all that happens is the once beautiful garden turns into a smorgasbord for every bug from miles around? It’s almost like a siren call that only the bugs can hear, and it only goes out when everything’s reached its optimum beauty. One evening you’re sitting out on the deck after a hard day’s weeding, mulching, and watering, enjoying the beautiful view with a glass of whatever beverage you may like and the next morning, with your coffee in hand you walk out to what can only be described as a war zone! So what can be done about these darling diners? There are pesticides, of course, and they do a pretty good job. Problem is, they’re expensive and usually you can’t let children or pets on the treated area until it dries. And then, do you really want your children or pets on this? Well, I’m going to share with you the best thing I’ve found for bugs. And I mean the nasty ones like the grasshoppers, grubs, mosquitoes; wasps, centipedes, and well, you get the idea. This solution was not of my own doing and not my idea at all. You could say, the solution found me and refused to leave.What is this wonderful, organic solution I’m so excited about? Well, folks, it’s the guinea fowl. Some of you may have grown up with them or had grandparents that had them. Myself, I never knew anyone with them and didn’t even know what they were. While sitting at my desk one morning, there was a really loud clatter on my tin roof and suddenly, there they were. Two chicken looking animals looking at me through my window! I quickly looked them up online to make sure I wasn’t being attacked by some wildebeest, and that’s how it all started. These two guys refused to leave my property; they roosted on the air conditioner outside our bedroom window at night and roamed around the garden area eating bugs during the day. I didn’t want them to starve (it was winter when they showed up), so I fed them a little wild bird seed I kept around for my bird feeders and gave them a little water.Only then did I find out my mother grew up with them as had so many other people I knew! The more research I did, the more I liked them. They are used up in the Eastern states for tick control, as the Lyme disease carrying tick is very prevalent up there. They take up very little space and are very easy to take care of. They free range during the day, eating tons of insects that would otherwise be chomping on your prize tomatoes, and around dusk they come back to their coop to roost for the night. And the litter from their coop is an awesome addition to the compost pile! Guineas are indeed the perfect organic bug zapper!Source: Free Articles from

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