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A lot of people interested in buying home furnishings lament the purchase price and quality of new home furniture. In line with the author Brian Higley in Furniture Repair and Restoration, (2010) paying for vintage or antique high quality furniture a terrific strategy for purchasing distinctive furniture for much less than new! For example, customers in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio vicinity might take advantage of high caliber furniture refinishing services today.

Furniture repair Florence KY

A furniture repair supplement posted with Cincinnati Magazine (July 2009) details the wealth of furniture restoration resources obtainable in Northern Kentucky and the metropolitan Cincinnati area. Repairing or restoring a one of a kind piece of furniture can form the center of a room. Getting fine vintage and antique pieces also means that the owner has an extraordinary decor.

Kentucky furniture craftsmen are popular for woodworking and restoration techniques, according to Explorer’s Guide to Kentucky (2011) by Deborah Kohl Kramer. Cincinnati would be the closest major metropolitan area to Kentucky. Several antique furniture buyers in Ohio go to Kentucky’s antiques and crafts shops to find unique furnishings. Northern Kentucky contains many large antiques malls and a variety of furniture repair and restoration businesses.

Why customers choose furniture repair professionals over do-it-yourself options

Getting a beautiful piece of furniture that requires repairs or refinishing presents an opportunity to the owner. If the piece is definitely unique and potentially valuable in restored condition, the buyer still might not choose a DIY method. Taking the furniture to a craftsman for repairs or refinishing might actually provide the most cost-effective tactic to restoring the furniture to its original beauty.

Possibly experienced woodworkers may select the refinishing services of other professionals. Older wood and missing hardware need special care. Attempts before at refinishing or repairing an antique may perhaps present additional challenges to breathtaking refinishing, according to Antique Trader Tips and Collectibles Price Guide (2011) by Dan Brownell. Selecting specialist restoration and refinishing services could possibly be the shortest path to enjoying the attractiveness of old furniture today.

Furniture Refinishing Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio appeared to be originally established as a village at the turn of the 19th century. Eastern citizens went west to the open spaces of Ohio after the Revolutionary War and brought principally English and Colonial furnishings. European settlers, specifically individuals from Germany, brought the love of European furniture with them to Cincinnati. Fine furniture was manufactured in the Midwest, by the late 19th century, as well as furniture manufactured by Stickley Brothers, Mersman Brothers, and Sikes Company. New York’s Duncan Phyfe’s furniture was also sold in Ohio at the turn of the century.

Discovering fine furniture at a yard sale or consignment store is an exciting prospect. After wisely purchasing one piece or an entire dining room of furniture in need of refinishing and restoration, seeking out a professional repair and restoration service is a good investment. For more information about furniture refinishing Cincinnati or furniture repair Florence KY, click the link.

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