Best Brands of Pet Beds – Part 1

Pet Beds are the ultimate way to keep your furry friend happy and healthy whole year round. And there are very wide selections for almost unlimited choice of class, size, color, heating and cooling effects from different brands of pet bed manufacturers. But what are these pet bed brands and what are their features and specialties that our pets love? This PetStreetMall article will guide you through our selection of best brands of pet beds to help you more selecting the perfect one for your pets.

MidWest (Home for Pets). Mid-West started as metal company back in 1921 and has division for pet products like dog crates, cages, vehicle barriers, pet beds and more. They have high standard on their products, manufactured under very strict quality procedures that are conducted during each operation on a daily basis and full scale, random quality inspections completed during the year. Mid-West pet beds are washable, tested for over 100 washes. Their best pet beds are from the popular Quiet Time Fleece and Deluxe to the upscale Fashion and Designer Beds. They feature bolstered orthopedic beds, ortho nest bed, indoor-outdoor bed, memory foam pillow and double thick-ortho bed.

K & H Pet Products. K&H is the premier manufacturer of heated dog beds, cooling beds, traditional beds, heated pet pads and bowls. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H Manufacturing is considered one of the largest dedicated producer of heated pet products in the US. They offer the greatest quality, innovation and selection for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds. Each year K&H develops new and unique products to provide comfort for pets and appreciation by their owners. Every K&H Heated Dog Bed or mat provides warmth to relax muscles for active dogs and to sooth joints & muscles for aging and arthritic pets. K&H Dog Beds works closely with Underwriters Laboratory to assure safe products for dogs and homes. With K&H’s industry-changing technologies, many of our products cost less to run than the average night light. Low wattage – low operating costs. That’s important in today’s world of high energy costs. Only the finest materials are used to make K&H dog beds durable and long lasting. Their best pet beds includes orthopedic beds, sleeper, microwavable warmer, heated mat and pet throws.

Snoozer Pet Products. The “Snoozer” brand name and Snoozer Pet Products, a manufacturer of pet beds and accessories, was established in 1985 in Anderson, SC, and moved to Greenville,SC, shortly thereafter Snoozer Pet Products is a small company, so they specialize in making the finest quality pet beds sold today. The employees and staff at Snoozer Pet Products are proud to provide a product that’s “Made in America” and at reasonable prices. Because today’s pets are considered “part of the family” by a lot of folks, Snoozer products are designed to blend easily with almost any home décor. Snoozer’s indoor products are crafted from upholstery-grade fabrics, available in a multitude of colors and patterns that will keep animals stylishly warm and comfy. Snoozer offers a variety of snoozer beds and snoozer car seats. Some of their beds are orthopedic sofa bed, waterproof bed, supersoft & extra soft beds, SUV auto bed, seat cover and pet car seats.

Bowsers Pet Products. Since 1998, Bowsers has set the trend in distinctive, quality pet beds. Their unique blend of furniture-quality fill, luxurious upholstery fabrics and practical designs has set a new standard in the pet industry. Bowsers has changed the way many think of pet beds . . . gone are the days when your unattractive dog bed is hidden away when guests arrive. Their pet beds are attractive furnishings which blend with the home décor. Their in-house interior design team, led by Eileen Wilkes and Linda Brown ensure their best-selling designs reflect the latest trends in home decor. Bowsers pet products now offers over 63 upholstery fabrics including plush microvelvets and elegant cotton twills. They feature reversible lounger bed, diamond & platinum donut bed, soft round, berber pet warmer, quilted pet mats, SUV pad car seat and car seat covers.

PetSafe (Safe Pets, Happy Owners). They consider themselves as company of pet lovers. They design all of their products with their own pets in mind. They are always looking for new ways to relate to and care for pets better. After more than 11 years and millions of dollars in research with the best trainers and universities around the world, they have provided with the best quality products for dogs. They have good sleeper, pads and cushions, underdog orthopedic beds and universal warmer. They have orthopedic air bed, heated wellness pet sleeper and heated pet pad.

Sources: PetStreetMall has the information and best selection of quality pet beds and heated dog beds, log on now.

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