Best 100+ Unique garden decor ideas that you will like. Diy yard decor 2018

Best 100+ Unique garden decor ideas that you will like. Diy yard decor 2018

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Best 100+ Unique #garden #decor ideas that you will like. 2018

Natural charm garden will help underline the original decoration made with their own hands. Everyone can create something individual and unique, it is not so difficult! But before you begin, check your stocks.
To make creative decorations come in handy at first glance completely useless materials: old Cookware, tires, plastic bottles, old furniture, zavaljavshajasja wood and the remains of the building materials, leaky shoes, barrels, tubs, etc. The most popular materials for creating spectacular garden décor stones, wood and plastic.
Considerable importance in creating beauty on a garden site has a unity of style. First and foremost you need to know with some direction, given the size of plot, style and personal preference. All the ideas for the garden decoration can be divided into functional and non-functional.

To functional objects are perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.
From old metallic or plastic baths or other containers, you can make magnificent mini water bodies. Place in your pond aquatic plants or stronger fish, beautifully zadekorirujteed with pebbles, rocks, boulders, or tiles.
Flowers and flower gardens The extraordinary flowering of old tires, plastic bottles, iron buckets, old shoess will be a great addition to the decorative composition of the garden.
Don’t rush into getting rid of big pnei. They’ll get a delicious vases for your precinct, where you can plant flowers. But for these vases from pnei, use clay pots. Putting flowers in the tree is not worth the water, it’s about to rot.

Recreational and nursing places for such cosy towns you can use a plastic bottle that will make up a whole conversation. An even more aesthetic look will be a cozy bench with a French villages style. It’s going to be raw roots, logs of different magnitudes.
Old chairs, armchairs and even tires can make cozy swing and other crafts for the garden.
Lovers of birds Present appeasement in the Garden we feel when around heard bird play. To our birds, too, felt the caring and homely ambience, will pitch for the original wooden birdhouses. You can decorate them painted, will make decoupage and other decorative elements.
Here may be useful for old wooden furniture, remnants of boards. Very peculiar look houses for birds from the old big boots. And if you can show imagination to create a real miracle of large porcelain teapots, cups, wine corks and even children’s LEGO bricks.
Funny feeder if your plot is located near the park or forest planting, not superfluous will make a simple, but very cute bird feeder squirrel. To do this, you can take a small chair, for example, from children’s furniture toy and secure it to the tree using the self-tapping screws. A great idea is to wind the long screw head out of corn, which then easily replaced.
Garden sculptures and other decorative elements in their own hands if the arrangement and decoration garden treat with all his soul, you can create a real fairy magic! Figures of animals, interesting sculptures, souvenirs and handicrafts made from scrap materials, will be the highlight of the garden design.
Boards or stones is an excellent base for creating wonderful gizmos. Using acrylic paint, multi-coloured glass shards, beads and other details, you can do the real work of art.
Color fluorescent paint with a boulder or stumps, and you’re going to get some adorable night lanterns. And the funny, Elmo, sweet Beasts and insects made by their hands will become permanent residents of your fabulous garden.
Do the birds and animalss-rabbits, kittens, pigs, HEDGEHOGSS, good-looking elephantss. or let your section decorate the fine swans or the chickens.
Very often, plastic bottles make different colorful heroes, ranging from proud aristocrats to naughty village girlss and boyfriends.

A tropical paradise in the garden is possible! Because exclusive tropical trees and plants, such as palms or cactus, can be build from plastic bottles. And you want to add a little romantic tenderness, fill the garden with chamomiles, roses, bells, Mac.
Note: Plastic crafts place in the depth of a flower garden or garden, special if little children play in the yard. Well, they can’t reach the artificial décor, because the edges of the plastic products can be easily hurt.

More vivid original ideas for garden décor are shown in the following pictures.

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