Beautiful Wall Sculptures and Plaques For Your Home or Garden

What would look better on a garden wall that a beautiful wall plaque or sculpture that could also be used indoors in your home? There is a very wide selection of these wall accents available online, enabling you to use any of a number of themes from classical Greece to religious accents, or simple decorative plaques and sculptures for your yard, patio or gallery.

Here is a selection of what is available to decorate a hallway, lounge, patio or garden wall, each of them available in high quality designer resin with a number of finishes suitable for any purpose, indoors or out.

Many people decorate rooms in their homes in a number of themes, and if yours is an African theme then there are a number of tribal masks available from Gabon and Western Cameroon. At sizes up to almost 20 inches, these are substantial works and would add to the beauty and symbolism of any African themed room without you having to pay a fortune for them.

Or how about a religious theme, with a Madonna and Child for your lounge, a 19 inches tall beautiful relief sculpture copying every detail of Rossellini’s Florentine masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance period. Or a 36 inch high cross for your patio wall, celebrating Christ’s Resurrection that would look just as fabulous in a large lounge or the wall of a tall staircase. These are more than just decorations, but a statement of your faith that will not only beautify your home, but also provide a conversation piece on the art of this period in Italian sculpture and art.

Everybody likes mirrors, and no room looks complete without a beautiful mirror that can be used to admire yourself or show off your taste in art and décor. A 32 inch gracefully curved wall mirror with a lavish shell motif redolent of the castles of the French Renaissance would look marvelous in your lounge or hall, will a golden finish accenting the acanthus embellishments would show your taste in renaissance household decoration perfectly.

If you prefer something smaller and more medieval and mystical, how about a hall mirror displaying St. George slaying the dragon? In beautiful rich colors, this is a must for any home. However, so is a mystic mirror, bordered by a host of skulls staring at you – though it might scare the kids! More likely to scare you though, knowing the children of today! Maybe they would prefer a mirror bordered each side by two fairies?

Or perhaps you need something to complement your garden, and are seeking a sculpture to sit on a garden wall, or maybe in a sunny window ledge? Maybe a carefully sculpted owl, or perhaps an angel sitting contemplating from outside your window? You can find all of these online, together with non-religious themes such as French art nouveaux wall sculptures known traditionally as Le Printemps and Le Etoile (Spring and the star – L’Etoile is also a leading ballerina). These can be fitted to an outside wall and used to hold growing flowers.

Other ideas for outside walls include a rising sun and the North wind, huffing and puffing, but this one won’t blow the house down. It is simply one of many outside wall accents you can use to decorate your home, outside and inside. Many people use a theme for their garden or backyard, while other simply use one or two of these wall accents to take away the plainness of the yard. It doesn’t matter what your objective is: any of these sculptures is going to look good in your home or out of it.

For example, chess pieces up to 30 inches high will look unique and very classy on the wall behind a home bar or recreation area, while a copy of the Dove of Peace that is the focal point of the Throne of St. Peter in the Vatican would look fantastic anywhere. Obviously you can’t have the real one, but a copy would look wonderful, perhaps above your bed for example, displaying this masterpiece by Bernini in all its glory within your home. You have to see this to appreciate it properly, but it is available if you know where to find it.

While most people focus on furniture, wall coverings and their flooring when designing or decorating their homes, it is these little extras that actually make a home unique and show off the tastes of its occupant. The same is true of how they design their gardens, with waterfalls, statues, sculptures and some of the wall accents described above. By using any of these beautiful wall sculptures or accents for your home or garden, you will place a stamp on your home and garden and show your good taste in art and decor.

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