Bathrooms That Soothe!

It has always been said that a kitchen can sell a house, but bathrooms are beginning to creep right up there as well! The identity of a bathroom has been gradually changing as bathtubs have become bigger and extra luxurious and as bathing has become more associated with relaxation.

There was a time when a tin bath in front of the log fire or a cold shower out in the yard was simply the way to get clean! The latest trend in bathrooms is for the room to be converted to a haven where peace can prevail to cleanse your mood as well as your physique.

Added to this wished-for-haven-ambience comes the latest trends in wash basins and faucets making the modern bathroom appear almost like an art gallery.

Basins now come in clear glass for that minimalist look or in jade rock or granite for that solidly built look. Faucets assume all types of shapes as they curve delicately over your sink. For many unique design ideas on modern and artsy wash basins try clicking onto

Basins are now relinquishing storage space for style and most of the newest basins are mounted on free standing pedestals. The more modern ones are often not in a matching set and appear as if the semi-circular washbowl is just resting on a ledge.

One advantage of this is that the extra floor space makes a standard bathroom look much larger; of course, the disadvantage for many of us can be giving up our huge storage cupboards!

Such trendy basins will require the latest in bathroom decor, and many are hailing bamboo as the latest ‘green’ material; it is natural both in substance and color.

Natural color is one of the key features of a trendy bathroom for 2008. Complementing this is the latest in stone, exotic woods and marble.

The earthy look is the one that is in demand at the moment, and one of the most popular floors is cork flooring. Cork lends itself very well to the latest ‘heated floors’ that many employ in their bathroom. It also reflects back body heat so it can feel warm even in an unheated bathroom.

Triangular baths set into a corner can sometimes give your standard sized bathroom a different look which can give the effect of having more floor space.

Once you have modernized your bathroom by changing the fixtures, the last step is to introduce an ambiance into the room. This can be done by music and lighting.

The room is very small, so for music, protect a portable CD player from steam and play soft strings or harp music in your bathroom.

Assuming that you have decorated in the 2008 bathroom colors of silver gray and white, or beige and white or another neutral combination, you can add subdued lighting to give atmosphere.

Bulbs that are rose colored or peach colored will cast a pleasant hue on your walls and give the kind of feeling that you will appreciate when sipping on your glass of wine and reading your book – in the bathtub!

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