Bathroom Remodeling – Tips For Hiring a Professional Decorator

One of the more challenging things to do when you’re redecorating your bathroom is to find and hire a competent professional who is capable of not only giving you a beautiful bathroom, but also making the space function properly; and all at a reasonable cost to you. Sometimes all you need is a few quick tips or basic guidelines to follow when you’re hiring a remodelling professional or decorator.

Even if your remodeling job is as simple as replacing old fixtures with new ones, you still want to work with a contractor who is familiar with important building codes otherwise you could wind up having to tear down all the work you paid for and start all over again. The contractors should also know the plumbing, wiring and structural aspects of the project to make sure you wind up with a professional finish.

There’s a number of options for you to choose from to help you in selecting the best professional for your bathroom remodelling project. You may need to hire an architect, interior designer and a building/remodeling contractor – depending on the size and how complex the actual job is. Put some thought into this process before you start borrowing money.

With homeowners scaling back on remodeling projects because of the weak global economy, be careful not to sign with a contractor who is more hungry for your cash than he is interested in doing a great job that will bring repeat business. Word of mouth and thoroughly checking their references should help you find the right decorator or builder for the job you have in mind.

Keeping an eye on your cash is one thing but an even more important aspect of your project is health and safety. If you have guys onsite who aren’t sure what they’re doing with wiring, plumbing or gas supplies it could have lethal consequences for somebody in your home or for one of the contractors themselves. Don’t cut corners on this stuff – the safety of your family could be at stake.

It’s so, so important that you hire licensed and insured professionals to complete your remodelling project. Qualified and quality contractors are far more likely to finish the job in a timely and tidy manner than some cowboys you hired for one third of the normal rates. The contractors should apply for the proper permits and follow code from A-Z with no bending of the rules. If your home is inspected by building code officials who determine the work was not completed properly, this will only lead to stress, frustration and additional costs for you. In serious cases you might have to tear all the work back down.

The contractor should apply for the permit in his or her name, not yours. Make sure that you get this in writing before any work begins. This holds the contractor, and not you, responsible for all work that is to be completed. Further, you and the contractor should cooperate with each inspection at each stage of the remodeling project to make sure nothing is missed and everyone knows what’s being done.

If you decide to act as your own contractor for your bathroom remodelling project, make sure you research and know everything that is involved; put in a lot of study time for your own sake. Familiarize yourself with the building codes and legal language to ensure that your subcontractors are following the rules and you’re not getting duped.

You will have to rely on the expertise of your subcontractors to complete the work, but ultimately, you will be responsible for ensuring that they act with integrity and within your budget. So, make sure you are working with people you can trust; there’s nothing worse than having to look over peoples shoulders to make sure they’re doing the job properly.

You will also want to become familiar with applying for building permits and how to plan for inspections. This is important for you to know whether or not a job is going in the right direction or not.

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