Bathroom On A Budget

How to Cut Costs Whilst Renovating the Bathroom

For many homeowners, the thought of renovating the bathroom sends a shiver down the spine. Despite having a fantastic new bathroom to relax in as a result, the renovation costs are enough to deter many from upgrading their bathroom – consequently, many homes are stuck with distasteful décor and dysfunctional bathrooms. If you’ve started enjoying using public bathrooms more than your own due to its state of disrepair, it’s time to renovate the bathroom in a cost effective manner.

Price Comparison

If you’re doing a complete overhaul of your bathroom then don’t be too hasty when buying your bathroom suite and accessories. Taking the time to run some price checks on a few different bathroom suites can help you to find the best deal – a necessary process for keeping costs to a minimum.


Being aware of seasonal retail trends can help you to establish when sales and discounts are most likely to occur. The January sales are undoubtedly the most popular for price reductions and allow you to purchase a quality bathroom suite with a slashed price tag. There are often sales at the end of each season too as new product ranges are released. Some bathroom sites compete for sales in the busiest periods of the year too and advertise their deals or produce a set number of vouchers/coupons for homeowners to print off and use. Check on money saving forums and websites to see if there are any coupons.


“Doing it yourself” can really help you to save money when renovating the bathroom. Although you may have to put quite a few man hours in to get the project finished, you’d pay a plumber by the hour to fit the bathroom for you – which can amount to a costly expense. Invest in a DIY manual or use online tutorials to help you complete DIY tasks successfully and you could save a serious amount of money.

Energy Efficiency

In order to save money in the long run, opt for energy/water saving bathroom appliances. Modern dual flush toilets can save a lot of water, as do eco-friendly shower heads. They both perform as effectively as regular toilets and showers whilst reducing the amount of water wasted – this can cut your utility bills, making it a long term saving. Using common sense, opting for energy efficient products and putting the work in yourself allows you to renovate your bathroom successfully on a budget. Don’t leave it to fall into a state of disrepair, renovate it cost effectively so you have a fully functioning bathroom which is a pleasure to use.

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