Bathroom Blunders

Remodelling a bathroom can easily turn from a straight forward task into an almighty struggle; with various pipes and fittings all around the room, transforming your household bathroom can sometimes be very risky. Modern bathrooms have the potential to truly showcase your eye for interior design and style, but this is not to say you should undertake the entire project single handed. So, before you take a wrench to your bathroom, here are a few thoughts and ideas that could very well save you a lot of wasted time and money.


Our first and possibly most important tip; don’t do it yourself! If you do not have a suitable knowledge of plumbing or the construction of the appropriate fixtures then attempting to dismantle or fit bathroom appliances could easily end up in a flooded home. If you have friends that have a suitable knowledge of these systems then seek help, it’s certainly cheaper than hiring a plumber and you can learn how to fit them as your friends help you along. If not, then take the next best option and hire a plumber; this could prove to be costly but it will be quicker and considerably less risky.

Plan Ahead

Creating new bathroom suites with a mishmash of randomly selected colours and features is not going to look pretty once completed, so make an effort to plan ahead and find each feature you want to have fitted before any work begins. A good way of planning these renovations out is to sketch the bathroom and take appropriate measurements in all areas for future reference. This helps to ensure all prospective fittings such as shower enclosures will fit nicely without overlapping space reserved or intended for other features.

Be sure to plan out colours in your sketch, choose two primary colours that you feel are stylish and accent your home well; contrast this with a third subsidiary colour to break up the scheme (applied through accessories such as candles and curtains) and show that you’re really thought ahead in the planning stages of the refurbishment.

Fit for Use

This may seem obvious but it’s certainly worth mentioning; make sure your bathroom is safe for use. May people opt to fit smooth, marble style tiles on their bathroom floor and this can often result in unfortunate slippages and accidents if there are no suitable mats placed down outside showers and bathtubs. This is a common household hazard and can be easily remedied with the application of a practical yet stylish bathroom mat set.

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