Basic Tips On How To Grow Basil

Learning how to grow Basil will be beneficial to anyone who loves to cook as it has many uses in a variety of recipes beyond the Italian dishes we most associate it with.

As long as you have good light and the right temperature, growing basil is very easy to do. You can grow basil easily from seeds, or purchase an “herb kit” with everything you need. However, a packaged kit isn’t necessary; all you needs are basil seeds and some fertile soil.

Basil requires excellent drainage so choose a flower pot that has holes drilled in it. You can also use rocks, clay or charcoal in the pot before adding the soil so the water has a place to pool up.

If you are planting the seeds directly into the garden, be sure to delay planting until after the last frost and sow the seeds thinly. When planting seeds in pots, sow enough seeds to yield several plants and later thin the smallest plants. Wherever you plant the seeds, cover them with a little soil and water them well.

One of the important things to know when learning how to grow Basil is that it requires 6 to 8 hours of sun each day. So if you are growing Basil on pots, place them in areas where they can still be reached by sunlight, like the patio or by the window. If you are growing them outdoors, choose the area that gets sun for most of the day but are protected from harsh wind.

Ideally basil plants should be watered a couple of times a week and apply fertilizer once in a month. Water directly to the soil so as to avoid splashing water on the leaves as this can encourage fungal growth and disease.

Remove any flowers from your basil plant, because this will produce better flavors. The flowers use up all of the plant’s energy, but removing them allows the plant to use the energy to produce very flavorful basil leaves.

Learning how to grow basil allows you to have a stock of the herb available all the time. By using indoor growing containers, you can grow your plants all year long. Make sure to plant three or four pots at once, and only harvest the upper leaves of each plant, to make sure the basil stays healthy and lasts for a long time.

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