Bachman's-Floral Gift & Garden, 125th Anniversary Video

Bachman's-Floral Gift & Garden, 125th Anniversary Video

Bachman’s – Floral Gift & Garden, 125th Anniversary Video. The story of Bachman’s. Produced by Engel-Angle Video Productions with Director of Photography/Editor Shawn Engel and Producer/Writer Mike Brunswick.

“Bachman’s Floral, Gift and Garden is a trusted provider of flowers, gifts, home accessories and everything you need for your yard and garden servicing the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota Twin Cities metro area and beyond. Bachman’s has locations in Apple Valley, Eden Prairie, Fridley, Plymouth, Maplewood and our Cedar Acres location in Lakeville, MN.”


  1. Epic East Phillips on May 9, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    You guys are awesome…We have your rose bushes in our community garden in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Mpls., East Phillips and have used your flowers and lilacs to grace our alleys and boulevards. Our neighborhood is a high crime, deep poverty area of cheap housing and home to many refugees, new immigrants and low income people of color who cannot afford to live any where else. We believe the beauty of flowering bushes and trees and flowering boulevards and yards lifts peoples spirits and contributes to less despair, more happiness and even lowers crime for people here. As a very direct example of crime control through plantings, we have used the William Baffin Climbing Rose planted in groups along the side of first story windows to absolutely stop home invasions and pestering through first story windows, a problem in several apartment buildings we own in this area. This has been the cheapest, most effective and most attractive crime control success we have ever achieved. Nobody messes with the thorns. We call it the "Sleeping Beauty" method of crime control. We also use them to stop negative cut-through traffic. Now all our tenants want them. This process is spreading to other property owners and local folks are even using them as back drops for their wedding pictures when they are in bloom. We intend to create a power point to this effect this spring as they bloom. You should offer a course on this use of plants sometime. We would love to assist. Carol Ann Pass –

  2. MariuszB on May 9, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    Best Wishes to Bachman’s family from Bachman’s family 😉 Do Your best!

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