Attract birds to your yard with Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a great way to add some visual interest to your yard or patio. Not only do bird feeders add color and a finishing touch to your outdoor decor, but they are a source of relaxing entertainment as well.

There are bird feeders available in every style, from elegant to country, from natural to whimsical. A bird feeder is a simple way to set a mood in your yard or to complement an ongoing theme. The variety of bird feeders available is nearly endless.

To decide which style of bird feeder is right for you, first consider what type of birds you want to attract, and then what style would complement your yard or patio. For a formal garden you may want to choose a simple but elegant copper design, but for a country garden you may want a whimsical design with bright colors.

There are also several attractive bird feeders that are easy enough for anyone to make. For natural-looking bird-feeders, a branch with drilled holes stuffed with suet, a hollow gourd with an opening in the side, or a pinecone filled with peanut butter make great bird feeders. For a more decorative look, use a bouquet of dried flowers with seeds, such as sunflowers or coneflowers, as a bird feeder. Or for an informal look, simply fill an old saucer from a clay pot with bird seed. Place it at the top of a post, or anywhere else you enjoy watching the birds.

For those with a little more time and talent, there are thousands of designs for bird feeders made from wood and plexiglass. Most are fairly simple and require only basic tools to build. Wooden bird feeders can be painted and decorated any way you wish, which make them especially fun for decorating your yard.

Once you’ve decided what type of bird feeder is right for your yardArticle Submission, sit back and enjoy the incredible show the birds will put on at your feeder.

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