Architecture design ideas that influence modern lifestyles

From functional living spaces to sustainable materials and art as well as other decor, there are a number of things that influence architecture and create the right mood that depicts the lifestyles of residents. It is common for architects to factor in the home owner’s personality and lifestyle when they build homes and design structures. Purpose built rooms and designs that inspire an urban living are becoming the basis of today’s architecture. Both indoor and outdoor living areas are designed with care to give an overall harmony to the design.

Here are a few architecture design ideas that influence today’s modern lifestyles:

Kitchens focused homes
Traditionally, kitchens were hidden away in some corner of the house and were usually closed and compact. Today’s kitchens are the epicentre of every home and are getting bigger and better. Dining rooms are sometimes included as a part of the kitchen and not only used as a sitting place. Spacious kitchens are becoming the central hub of your homes where families sit around and spend some quality time.

Inside and outside areas are one
Modern architecture considers indoors as important, but gives equal importance to the outdoors too. Some architectural styles include exquisite outdoor living areas complete with furniture and seating arrangements. The two areas that were once defined distinctly by walls are now more in sync without any solid distinctions. The outdoor areas look like perfect extensions of the indoors.

The open concept
With the minimalistic interiors concept emerging, implied spaces have gained a lot of importance rather than well defined ‘walled’ areas. Rooms are visually connected so that the overall interiors ‘feel’ larger. This concept can be applied to multiple floors too so as to create an enlarging effect for all the interior spaces.

Health awareness in design
Energy conservation and sustainability are the prime focus of many designers these days. Using appropriate materials for building structures is becoming more and more important. Well, the asbestos and lead paint used in the past is now truly a thing of the past. Today’s designs focus on green constructions and chemicals are tested so that they do not emit harmful fumes.

Larger windows
Larger windows bring in the view of the outside and add beauty to the rooms. Large windows are not simply used for looks, but also contribute to the green homes concept by adding natural light to the room that in turn reduces the need for internal lighting.

Well, the world of architecture keeps evolving and new design ideas are always just around the corner. The construction industry is also subject to constant dramatic changes, and what techniques are quite ‘in’ today is a thing of the past within a few years. The new designs break the sprawl and give way to innovative architecture ideas that are more futuristic in nature. Architecture in general is not only about building exquisite structures, it’s about designing for functionality, and being in sync with the demands and expectations of the customers.

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