Apple iPhone 4 White vs Black – Minor differences for major impacts

Beyond doubt, the white and black versions of Apple iPhone 4 share
the equal platform, when it comes to hardware and software. But, in
fact, the white version brings some minor changes, which fix the snags
of black version.

California based tech-tycoon Apple is in the
limelight with its iPhone 4, which is luring the hart of tech-buffs with
its slew of ultra-smart specs. The company has launched this 4th
gen-phone in both black and white versions ensuring that both are packed
with similar hardware and software features. In this article, we will
strive to clarify some differences between the black and white versions.

1. Look

The pearly white version of the iPhone 4 carries along with it the same
sleekness and clarity as its black big brother. It’s white not from the
outward but also from the inside. The top-located headphone jack,
bottom-situated connection dock, aluminum all the visible parts of this
device are coated in white.        

2. Size
The iPhone 4 White
is 0.2 millimeter thicker than iPhone 4 Black. By making the new
version a bit thicker, the company has striven to fix the antennae snags
of black, which caused lost reception while the device is held in a
certain manner. Apart from this, the white paint needed a different game
plan, as while taking pics, its case don’t insulate the flash and
leaked light of camera. The new UV coating was essential to protect the
white version from external light sources including sun.
No doubt, the 0.2 mm thickness is not a big difference, but it has caused problem for fitting of accessories as well as covers.

3. Camera lens location

Even though, both of the iPhone 4 versions are fitted with same camera
sensors, but the difference lies in the location of camera lens. The
right camera of white version is placed back while compared to black one
on the left.
This increase in distance between the back and lens in
white version has been made by the Apple to fix the issues in the black
version concerning the glare and hazy photos, which were caused due to
additional light passing via the backside.

4. Proximity sensor

The iPhone 4 white contains a black colored proximity sensor situated
above the speaker, which turns off the screen only, when the handset is
positioned close to ear. The black version also packs this sensor, but
it’s visible only after observing closely. In fact, the company has
changed the internal parts of the proximity sensor to fix the issues
related to white glass color.

Apart from the above-mentioned
features, other specs of both of the version are same including 1GHz
Apple A4 processor, 3.5 inches LED back lit Retina display, 5 MP camera
with LED flash and 0.3 MP camera for Face-Time video calling, Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA connectivity and various other features.

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