An Overview of Garden Tools

With the development of economic, our life standard is getting better and better. Material life is not the only pursue, more and more people begin to pursue another new pattern of life. Then garden is becoming increasingly popular. Having a garden in front of house could be the happiest thing in some people’s eyes. Because its owner could grow numbers of plants if they like. Well, when we have a garden and the seeds of plants have been prepared, the next step is planting and proper caring.

In order to take care of plants we plant, garden tools are quite in demand. We can find variety kinds of garden tools in the store, and some even we had never seen before. Those tools confuse our minds and as a layman, we do not know which one is necessary and which is not. Here the article would introduce five popular and normal garden tools which gardeners usually use to taking care of the plants.

1. Spade: spade is a kind of specialized garden tool. It usually has 28 to 48 inches long with a narrow headed blade and attached with a long metal shaft. The blade of the spade is ideal to work between plants and near the borders. If we want to keep your garden in neatness, then spade could become your helper. We can use it as digging, planting, and cultivating.

2. Trowel: trowel is a very common tool in many construction activities, and we know how to use it. But the trowel we use in the garden is something different. There are two parts of it as a curved blade and a grip wooden handle. And flat and curved are its two shapes. If we want to do some planting, soil leveling, potting, and soil preparation, without doubting, come and choose the trowel to help you. 

3. Weeder: for those who has big square garden, getting rid of weeds by hand is a very hard work, then weeder is the first choice. Garden weeder usually with a long handle and a attached sharp blade. With the help of weeder, the work like removing weeds could be a easy job, the ergonomic design of the tool make user do the task without excessive physical effort.

4. Rake: the shape of this tool like a broom when people see it first time. It is a long handled tool with a head attached to one of its ends, having protruded teeth.The functions of this garden tool include scarifying, removing fallen leaves, raking gravel, and soil leveling and preparation.

In conclusion, by using garden toolsArticle Search, planting some green plants in the garden is really a enjoyable task. Hoping everyone could have good mood by it.

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