Affordable Weddings

While everyone wants a beautiful and memorable wedding, most want affordable weddings at the same time. Both can be had if a little time and effort are put into it.

The wedding dress is one of the main areas where money can be saved. Thousands of dollars can easily be spent on the bride’s choice of gown, but it is not an essential requirement to do so. Much money can be saved by buying the dress from a private party or a secondhand store. No, they aren’t brand new, but they have only been worn once normally. By having the dress dry cleaned afterwards it will look (and feel) like new–and no one will be the wiser.

Another exorbitant expense can most certainly be the wedding cake. Consider whether a huge 6 or 7 tiered cake is actually necessary when a 3 tiered cake can be just as beautifully presented. Even if there are a considerable amount of guests, that is still an option. Use the “normal” sized cake as the usual centerpiece for the bride and groom, while having several large decorated sheet cakes for serving to the guests. No one will care where their cake comes from–most won’t even notice that it isn’t a piece of the wedding cake itself.

There are numerous ways to save money if a smaller wedding is desired. By having the wedding in a home or a back garden, the usual expense of renting a church and/or hall is gone. Back yards can be made into classy and elegant outdoor rooms for wedding ceremonies with very little effort. A rose arbor can be used for the minister and wedding couple to stand in front of while repeating vows, while making a breathtaking backdrop for pictures afterwards.

Staying with the smaller wedding venue, there are additional ways to have affordable weddings. By preparing as much food as possible yourself, a large amount of money can be saved by not hiring a caterer. Of course, it is more work, but a lot can be made up ahead of time and frozen. If a small crowd is expected, then this is not that difficult to accomplish.

Consider doing the decorating of the church, hall, or backyard area yourself. It isn’t as hard as it sounds. Look online for helpful hints on what to do and how to do it. Or scour wedding decor books or magazines for unique ideas.

The main point is to take your time, research ideas for saving money, and follow through. A beautiful wedding doesn’t have to break the bank!

Just because your wedding budget is tight does not mean that you can not have a beautiful wedding. Affordable weddings can be the most memorable.

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