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When people forget to seal the tile with thick lubricant then it poses a problem which in the long run would damage the tiles, and have an effect where the water starts peeping through the tiles and most likely to cause damage underneath. Rather than using a normal tile sealer its always best to recommend that people opt for a better quality tile  sealer which to be fair would cost a few pounds more but have a better effect on the tile in the long run once the tile sealer has been applied. You can buy normally two different tile sealers for the tiles. One is normally for the wall tiles and the other is for the floor tiles. The floor tile sealer has to be a bit thicker than the wall tiles as the floor has a lot more exposure for water to be ending up on the floor rather than the wall tiles. You should also use the tile sealer approximately two to three times in year depending on the usage of the bathroom. If there is minimal usage of the bathroom then once a year is fine, but however if the bathroom is used everyday by a large growing family then three times a year for the sealer has to be applied to the wall and the floor. This way careful maintenance will defiantly give you more years of usage before spending a lot more money replacing the product. One of the best ways to have the layout of the bathroom tiles is to give it that special effect for the tiles to be laid out. Rather than the tiles having designer special tiles throughout the bathroom suite, then having every now and then would give it that special touch. A simple nice mosaic strip behind the basin sink and a simple strip of metal and glass mosaics in the shower cubicle would look great and make the bathroom suite look as if it’s a showroom suite. When using the basin suite people normally choose a simple white sink and a simple white pedestal to match the basin top. There is several basin furniture that people can choose from. Meaning that instead of a pedestal that’s made from pottery or china wear, the pedestal would be made from wood and that has an effect that the basin is sitting on top of the table freestanding. This type of table and basin looks so modern and contemporary that it gives it that wow factor which people might see in a really nice posh hotel. The same applies for the toilet where the back cistern is covered in a wooden effect glossy wood piece while toilet and the toilet seats are left just off the wooden box, again giving it that contemporary touch. Then with having special shinny chrome bath taps to match these floor standing basin units and bath really does make the bathroom come together.

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