Add Value To An Existing Residence With Exterior Shading

There are a number of ways to add value to your home by renovation, structural modification or addition. Renovation is a process whereby old material is replaced with new, such as replacing rotting beams, railings, repainting walls or roof shingles. Modification entails changes to existing material, as such removing a wall to increase open space, or changing the counter layout in the kitchen. Finally, addition is a process of putting something entirely new into the house.

Structural addition is often very expensive because of the extensive modifications that take place for the existing building, as well as creation of new materials. It also demands a real investment in labor, whether for the homeowner and his or her friends, or for the contractors who are hired for the job. A smaller structure is more manageable.

A smaller structural addition we will consider here are all the products that are grouped under the category of outdoor shades. One of the benefits of these shades is that they are a compromise between interior and exterior improvements. Outdoor shades are strictly built on the exterior premises and should complement the yardscape, yet they add more livable space for the residents of the house who can now spend time outside without fear of excess sun or rain exposure.

The following are some of the most popular outdoor shades used by people for adding usable space and increasing the value of a home.

An exterior canopy is very much like a tent with standing room. There are two parts to the tent-like structure of a canopy: a sturdy scaffold and a section of canopy fabric that is stretched over it. People find it useful to have at the very least the top of a canopy shielded with fabric. If the canopy owner proceeds with putting in fabric walls, the use of window flaps and large door flaps may help air circulate through the canopy.

The majority of people have seen an awning at some time positioned over the storefront or display glass of an establishment and bringing in precious patrons who were likely sheltering themselves. In contrast to store front awnings, the units for home are made for pleasure and comfort of homeowners. The most recent type is the retractable unit. There are a number of retractables. One is operated by a manual crank. Another is engaged with a swinging set-up which is pushed in or pulled out. Finally the motorized kinds automatically open at a flick of a switch.

Almost all outdoor shades are designed to stop nearly all light. Pergolas were created with a different purpose. Instead of stretching out a piece of fabric, the wooden struts of a pergola raise up wood slats that block only a portion of the sun. Dwarf versions of pergolas are also available. They are sometimes called arbors, and are less complicated to set up but cannot accommodate many people. Instead, they are signs for foot paths.

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