Add a Classy feel to the Kitchen with White Sparkle Worktop

The easiest way to update your kitchen decor is by replacing its worktop. For those that enjoy some variety and like to stay up-to-date with the latest interior trends, laminated worktops have become a standard choice.

These worktops are available in a plethora of colors, textures, shades and designs to choose from. There also exist laminate patterns that are impeccable in the way they imitate the look and feel of a natural material such as wood or stone, thereby giving your kitchen a very authentic appearance. The imitation is unbelievably real and available at a fraction of the cost of the natural material. It is no wonder that many fashion-savvy homeowners have started switching from expensive worktops made from granite or oak to laminate worktops for their kitchens.


Why White Sparkle is Preferred over other colors?


Out ofall laminate kitchen worktops, white sparkle is one of the highest selling worktop designs. With the recent craze for all-white kitchens, white sparkle worktops have gained worldwide popularity in terms of preventing a kitchen from appearing monotonously white and giving it a classy appeal. The laminated background with a white sheen along with silver flecks embedded within it creates a perfect magical effect in any modern or traditional kitchen. The glossy surface with its mirror effect automatically becomes a spectacular focal point in the kitchen, thereby enhancing its overall appearance. Moreover, the color white because of its light-reflecting properties gives your kitchen the illusion of being far more spacious and bright than it actually is.


Different Variants of White Sparkle


There is a wide variety of samples available within the white sparkle worktop range and these include the Crystal Star, Astral White Gloss, Mirror Spark, and White Spark. These samples are almost identical with miniscule variations differentiating one from another. Homeowners who are perfectionists typically request all samples of white sparkle laminate to carefully select one that goes well with their current kitchen interior. The laminate is also available as a separate sheet that can be installed over an existing kitchen worktop.


White sparkle laminates come in a variety of sizes and you can choose one that best meets your requirements. They usually have a square edged profile and can be purchased with a matching edging strip. The base material is chipboard or timber which is then given a laminated cover to create a smooth and seamless impression in the kitchen. The process of lamination involves applying high intensities of both pressure and heat to seal the surface in order to improve its durability.


Apart from the stylish and elegant appeal offered to a kitchen by a white sparkle worktop, the laminated surface also serves to be a practical choice for a number of reasons. The surface is abrasion, impact, moisture, water, stain, and heat resistant. Any spill can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth without leaving a trace on the worktop. The skillfully sealed front and back edges prevent water from seeping through the top surface, thereby increasing the lifespan of your laminate worktop. Not surprisinglyFind Article, these worktops are hygienic and stay fresh fora longer period of time than one can expect.

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